2019: Gov Al-Makura Under Pressure Over Maikaya

By Tanko Maina

The heightened political atmosphere in Nasarawa State is one that has left the people of the state in permutations and bewilderment. Apparently a seeming confusion, those with the political stethoscope are already making a definite periscope into the future of the state using hypothetical modules of ethno religious and zonal considerations amongst others.

The arrays of the caliber of gladiators in the contest is one that is capable of causing a rumble in the jungle. One Man who should be seen as a common denominator in the political equation is the sitting Governor, Umaru Tanko Almakura who is seen to be in a dilemma of who succeeds him in the palatial edifice along Shendam Road, Lafia.

Faced with the choice of a suitable successor given the pedigree and quality of aspirants jostling for his seat as he completes his constitutional two terms mandate, his body movement and direction as to who becomes his preferred candidate has created the statewide speculations and worsened or otherwise dangerous permutations and unhealthy campaigns.

Those that are familiar with the political topography of Nasarawa state will attest to the fact that though it is a small state but with complex and complicated intricacies of zonal, ethnic, religious and social demands for fairness and equity on the alter of sentiments which are rather antithetical to the tenets of democracy and party politics.

Whether or not Governor Almakura is able to surmount all these shades of opinions and pressures, it is only the choices, whims and caprices of the people (electorates) that will determine who becomes governor come 2019.

However, the human political inclinations of the sitting governor is not devoid of personal idiosyncrasies and the consciousness of who succeeds him to continue with the laudable programs and policies as well as the architectural framework he has laid down for the development of the state. Painstakingly, no matter how conscious he might be, he must be seen to be working inline with the rule of neutrality and respect to the collective wishes and yearnings of the overwhelming majority of the people of the state in determining the direction of the political pendulum.

If democracy presupposes popular participation and the choice of the majority , Almakura may have no option than to endorse and respect the confidence in Maikaya’s ability to stir the ship of the state come 2019.

Alh Muhammed Musa Maikaya who has defied the unrealistic agitations and logics of tribe, religious and zonal considerations within the ranks of the All Progressives Congress, is seen as the only indigenous candidate that possess all the social, political and administrative requirements to sustain and improve on the legacies of the Almakura led Administration.

His acceptability across all the social strata ranging from traditional institutions, religious and other opinion leaders coupled with his street credibility and electric mobilizational ability to persuade voters for the party to coast to victory in all her elections in 2019 is one that cannot be overemphasized.

One thing is common. That Almakura who is a product and beneficiary of the people’s political awareness may not forget in a hurry how in 2011, the people mobilized massively against all machinations and scheming to vote out the then PDP government.

Therefore, conscious efforts and prayers must be put in place as history beckons on him in 2019 to ensure that a level playing field is maintained during the forthcoming primaries (governorship) of the party. If the people’s verdict on the various guber aspirants were to be weighed, Maikaya the new ‘political rubicon’ has offered a ray of hope to the people of Nasarawa state.

He is seen to be the only aspirant with programmes of welfarism and egalitarian commitment to poverty alleviation driven by his knowledge in target setting and risk management as well as project sustainability coupling with his social capital across the globe.

The hope that Nasarawa state has got a worthy son with passion and vision that will take its development to its Eldorado’s has just been rekindled.

Long Live Nasarawa State!
Long Live Gov Almakura!!
Long Live Alh Maikaya!!!

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