27.2% Girls In Nigeria Presently Out Of School

Ajoke Babareke , Abuja

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About 27.2 percent of girl child in Nigeria are currently Out Of School.

According to a Multiple Indicator Cluster Sur vey (MICs)5, of 2016 and 2017 conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics in Collaboration with the UNICEF and other partners , about 60 percent of Children of School Age are Out Of School.

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UNICEF Evaluation Expert, Maureen Okolo who disclosed these at a media dialogue on data driven reporting organized by UNICEF said MICs also revealed that Northeast with 53.3 percent retains the highest number of girls (of primary school age) who are out of school while South-east with 46.2percent has the lowest number of girls out of school.

Okolo noted that about 51 percent of girls of primary school age who are not enrolled in schools are based in rural areas while 52.5 percent of the girls are in urban areas.

The report revealed that Borno State with70.7percent has the highest numbers of girls with primary school age and are out of school while Abia state with 33.0 percent indicated that more girls with the primary school age attend the first stage of basic education.

The education expert also disclosed that 51.7% of girls who are of secondary school age are among the total out of school population in Nigeria.

MICs 5 also shows that lack of formal education of mothers contributed to the increased figures of out of school children .

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Contained in the report is statistics of mothers with none formal education 44.4%, mothers with primary education 79.6%, mothers with secondary education 86.8% and mothers with higher education is 91.6% in a random sampling of 36,176 women.

The MICs report shows increase in the numbers of girls who are currently out of school both at the primary and secondary school level.

The survey results also showed that more efforts needed to be done in encouraging girls to school in Northern Nigeria precisely reassuring the security of the girl child in basic schools.

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