SWIFT REPORTERS is an online/print media reporting arm of Swift Publishing Company Limited, a digital consultancy company which specializes in digital communication, social media marketing, online PR.

SWIFT REPORTERS primary aim is to promote the development of investigative journalism and to strive for freedom of the press both within and outside Nigeria.

We hope to closely interact with the outside world, especially those who have shown they have much to contribute to global peace and press freedom.

Swift Reporters aims to ensure free, fair and accurate delivery of any information related to the Nigerian within and outside Nigeria. This entails the following commitments:

1. To provide fair and accurate news of the situation and developments in Nigeria.

2. To provide features, interviews and opinion pieces regarding all Nigeria-related issues.

3. To fill the information gap between Nigerian within and outside Nigeria.

4. To facilitate transparency between the Nigerian Government-in-exile and the Nigerian people.

5. To encourage discussion and debate on issues related to Nigeria and Nigerians.

6. To provide information and reports on social, health, cultural and environmental issues to our general readership.

7. To cover developments in Nigeria-related issues in the international forum.

8. To provide an accessible forum for young Nigerian journalists to express their opinions.

9. To promote a better understanding among Nigerian journalists of the exile democratic government, human rights, and social, health, cultural and environmental issues.

10. To create awareness amongst Nigerians about diverse cultures and heritages.