Adeleke Was Not Poisoned As Speculated – Pathologist

..….Says alcohol, sedatives caused his death

Hafsoh Isiaq, Osogbo

A Consultant Anatomic pathologist from Lautech Teaching Hospital, Dr Taiwo Olufemi Sholaja said high level of alcohol intake caused the late Senator’s death as there was no traces of poison or heavy metals on the body of the deceased.

Sholaja said the Toxicology test carried out on the body of the deceased shows abnormally high levels of alcohol, sedatives and analgesics in the blood as the cause for his death.

He explained that the over dose of drugs which include Analgin, Diazepam, Pentasozine and Getamacine used by the deceased shortly before his death were also responsible.

According to him,”When we examined the body of the deceased, there was an odour of alcohol around him and his tongue, lips, finger and toe nails had a bluish discoloration. However, there was no external injuries on his body.

“All body cavities were normal and free of excess fluids except the trachea which was reddish as if there was bleeding there, it also contains traces of gastric contents.

” Also, his heart was enlarged  double for his age and sex and the ventricle wall was thickened and weighted 2.5 more than expected.

“The tissues were normal apart from the heart which shows hypertrophy and the liver which shows alcohol stereohepatitis.”

“Abnormally High level of alcohol, sedatives and  analgesics in the blood of the decreased, coupled with multiple drug overdose showed in the toxicology report carried out as the cause of the Senator’s death.”

Sholaja said that excessive intake of alcohol, high sedatives and over dose of drugs may depress central nervous system and cause vomiting.

“The late Senator apparently vomited and aspirated due to the deep sedation and so the aspiration of the gastric contents blocked the air ways thus depriving the body of oxygen.

“This showed on the body as a tinge of bluish discoloration and could cause vital centers in the body to shut down, thereby leading to death.” Sholaja added.

Other witnesses who appeared before the coroner include Divisional Police Officer, SP Ogunkanmi Gbemileke and O C Homicide, Moses Eleta who both testified to be have received the ampoules of the drugs used on the late Senator from the Pathologists as exhibits.

Another witness who was supposed to testify before the coroner, Alfred Aderibigbe couldn’t because his lawyer, Lekan Alabi said he wasn’t prepared.

The coroner, Chief Magistrate Olusegun Ayilara thereby adjourned the case till May 18, 2017 for further investigation and asked Aderibigbe to be ready by then.

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