APC Dancing Naked In The Sun After Resounding Defeat In Delta Council Polls – PDP

The All Progressives Congress, APC in Delta State is a gathering of jokers, rabble rousers, unfortunate politicians and failed seekers of aspirations and ambitions beyond and above their individual and collective capacities and capabilities.

In a press release by the PDP Delta State Publicity Secretary, Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza, he said that the psychological energy and obviously tedious but still illiterate intellectual effort expended in crafting the ill conceived, ill informed, absolutely pedestrian, provocatively unguarded, spuriously misleading, and utterly worthless Press Statements they have issued in connection with the recently conducted and hugely successful January 6, 2018 Delta State Local Government elections in our dear Delta State, especially in a national Newspaper, would have been better engaged and utilized by setting up an advanced analytical team to understudy, evaluate and appreciate the tactical and strategic political brilliance of the PDP in Delta State elections.

“There is a political maxim that you only win elections where you are popular and this truism has been reflected in all the polls conducted in Delta State and underscored the glaring fact that in electoral matters in Delta State, the PDP is king.

“Let us put the records straight once again, with particular reference to their press release issued in connection with the January 6, 2018 Delta State Local Government Elections, where they cried bitterly that the election was a sham, claiming non compliance with the Electoral law and demanding the outright cancellation of the election across the state.

1. Their claim that sensitive election materials were not delivered as expected to most polling units where elections were to take place is absolutely false and misleading. Our monitoring team as well as accredited election monitors and observers have confirmed that both sensitive and non sensitive election materials were appropriately delivered to designated polling units and dileneated election areas, which were clearly identified with DSIEC paraphernalia and emblems and witnessed throngs of committed voters who trooped out enmasse to perform their civic duty and cast their votes for their preferred candidates.

2. The Delta State APC claim that election materials were either hijacked or re-directed and were not accompanied by result sheets is another brazen lie put out to deceive the people, otherwise, how come the majority of the voters across the state were duly accredited with their Personal Voters Cards, PVCs and manual voters register; properly registered as eligible to vote and proceeded to thumb print on the boldly displayed symbol of their preferred political parties on the officially approved ballot paper for the election before dropping the ballot paper in the designated transparent ballot boxes for specific offices.

3. Again, the claim by the APC that the Result sheets were different from the one earlier introduced by DSIEC really begs the question, but this is a question that only DSIEC is expected to address adequately, but we are aware that all the political parties that participated in the election had duly accredited agents, who supervised and signed all the relevant documents immediately after results were declared at each polling unit and transmitted onward to the various stipulated collation centres up to the final point where returning officers provided a detailed report of election proceedings before the overall results were announced.

4. We are also aware of the reported violence particularly in Ughelli North LGA but we have since been informed by very impeccable sources that the perpetrators of that act of arson were hoodlums acting on the instructions of the APC who, realizing that the PDP was poised to sweep the stakes and coast home to victory, resorted to violence, with the intent to disenfranchise the good people of Ughelli North and deny the people of all the affected areas the opportunity to elect their political representatives and administrative officials at the grassroots; a situation which has now been remedied with the PDP proving its electoral superiority by clinching the remaining LGAs in the rescheduled election of Tuesday January 9, 2018.

“We are greatly amused by the claims of the APC that they prepared very well for peaceful elections, when in actual fact they were no where to be seen on the campaign trail, choosing instead to bolster their empty ego with some half hearted social media noise-making by half baked internet illiterates posturing as cyber buffs.

“Let us place on record for the umpteenth time that our party, the PDP not only followed the lead of our dynamic leader, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa (Ekwueme) who, fresh from midwifing the hugely successful national convention of our great party as the Chairman of the elective convention, displayed the strategic brilliance of his political superiority in Delta state once again, when he led from the front and carried the party through a whirlwind of electioneering campaign across the 25 Local Government Areas of Delta state, with his dynamic energy, democratic vision and all round political savvy.

“It is also on record that even after the comprehensive Local Government Areas campaigns had ended, the PDP continued with ward to ward, community to community, house to house and even the very personal person to person “mosquito” campaigns, to ensure that every door was knocked on, every blade of grass covered, every acre of Delta land traversed and every Deltans ear whispered into in a robust, vigorous mobilization drive that eventually yielded the landslide results with which we defeated the opposition.

“For the APC to further claim that the Result of the January 6, 2018 Delta State LGA elections was unexpected to them and therefore should be cancelled is like crying Wolf to distract discerning Deltans who know and have seen the unparalleled accomplishments of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in Infrastructure development, job creation, transparency in governance and most importantly a connection with the people who make all the difference at elections.

“It is unfortunate that the APC in Delta state has, like the proverbial Ostrich, buried its head in the sand and is totally oblivious of the political realities on ground in Delta state, that the PDP is unshakable, immovable and unperturbed by their rantings and wailings.

“The January 6, 2018 Delta Local Government Election was a favourable referendum on the performance of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and an indicator of the direction the 2019 Delta State Elections will follow.

“The People of Delta state have spoken. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear, for as the saying goes, Vox populi, Vox Dei; the Voice of the people is the Voice of God.

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