Blackmailers Out To Frustrate New Amnesty Boss – Integrity Youth Alliance

The Integrity Youth Alliance said her has been drawn an online publications claiming that the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Professor Charles Quaker Dokubo has continued to hobnob and generally cavort with a lady, Ms. Tahirah Ikharo, “who parades herself, albeit falsely, as the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Niger Delta” .

In a press release by the National Coordinator of Integrity Youth Alliance in Abuja on Wednesday, Kelvin Adegbenga said the publication is absolutely false and attempt to blackmail Professor Charles Quaker Dokubo by saying he has “been introducing Ms. Tahirah Ikharo across the country as the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Niger Delta”.

Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo

Adegbenga said, “For the ignorance of those behind the publications, it is not the duty of Prof Dokubo to introduce the aide of the Vice President as the aides are capable of doing it themselves.

“Our investigations have further shown that some people are out to tarnish the image of Prof Dokubo as he has blocked all the loopholes of siphoning Amnesty funds, Adegbenga said.

He further reiterated that the allegation of womanizing is a proof of “no business as usual” dogma that Prof Dokubo has brought to bear on the activities of the Amnesty office.

“His financial prudence and good ethics is one of the reasons they are disparaging Prof. Dokubo to discourage him since he took over on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

Adegbenga further said, “Prof Dokubo can never be distracted to refocus the Amnesty Programme so that it could positively impact those who are meant to be catered for.

“It is on record that the Amnesty office was so disjointed before Prof. Dokubo took over. Those who were employed to do the work were not knowledgeable about the work, so we are not surprised at the recent blackmail against his reform using one Ms. Tahirah Ikharo as their tool to cowed Amnesty Boss. Adegbenga said.

We called on the general public especially the Niger Delta people to ignore the online publications as the allegations can’t be substantiated, the statement concluded.

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