Bowen Outgoing VC Call For Support For Private Universities

Ajoke Babareke, Osun State

The Nigerian government has been urged to come up with agenda of providing support to Private Universities in Nigeria.

The Outgoing Vice Chancellor of Bowen University, Professor Mathews Ojo ,made the appeal in Iwo, Osun State while speaking to Journalists on the need for the government to help develop private universities in the country.

Professor Ojo said administrators of private universities are not requesting the federal government to provide direct funds ,he added that the government can make available through the Central Bank single digit loans to universities for infrastructural development.

Outgoing Vice Chancellor of Bowen University, Professor Mathew Ojo with Committee of Friends during the occasion of The Day Of Reminiscences organised to celebrate his five years tenure.

According to him, “If the government were going to be helpful ,government will have to come up with an agenda of providing support, like in Ghana,the National accreditation board gave private universities  some assistance  like provision of Printers,some buses and other things as a way of helping private universities to develop. We need assistance like that to take off and systemize , for private universities as a way of aiding their development”

“I am just saying that we need to sit down ,study and see how we can help private universities to grow in Nigeria. I am not asking the federal government directly to provide the assistance but through CBN we may have loans if single digits to give out to universities for infrastructural development, they will pay back the money at reduced burden. There are several ways the federal government can come to the assistant and this is one of the ways” Professor Ojo added.

Speaking on the development of Private universities in Nigeria, the Outgoing Vice Chancellor said , Private universities are still in the first phase of development in Nigeria.

Professor Ojo stressed that the early ones like covenant, Bowen, Redeemers,Igbinedion and Babcock will be able to move faster while few others may be behind due to challenges of adequate resources, funds and student population.

Also speaking on challenges facing Nigeria, Professor Ojo said turbulence situations confronting Nigeria are key initiatives.

“the Nigerian turbulence situations are key initiatives and most of these challenges facing our country are man made. The Nigerian problems are solvable but just that we need right vision towards addressing them,alternative will work in tackling problems confronting the Nigerian societies” he said.

“Nigeria is still below in development and it shows there is responsibility on every elite to change the nation especially in the areas of increasing our capacity as a nation”. Prof.Ojo added.

On the completion of his five year tenure as the Vice Chancellor of Bowen University, Professor Mathew Ojo said he was able to achieve a lot due to collective efforts.

” I have welcome criticism during my 5years as the Vice Chancellor of Bowen university but what I have done is to build upon the foundation of those who served before me,so I hope that those coming after me will equally build upon that foundation and we will be able to move forward ” he said.

At the Programme of the Day of Reminiscences organised by committee of friends of the outgoing Vice Chancellor, Professor Hettie Soriyan said Professor Ojo contributed immensely to the growth and development of Computer and Information Technology program of the university.

Professor Adewale Akinsola said in the development and growth of the university’s academic programmes, the Bowen outgoing Vice Chancellor added a large number of programmes across most disciplines of the institution.

Bowen Provost College of Health Sciences, Professor A. Soladoye said Professor Ojo addressed staffing challenges in all faculties and departments in the colleges.

The Dean of Law of the university, Professor M.Imasogie said the commitment of Prof Ojo to raising and sustaining Bowen Law Faculty through qualitative and timely infrastructural development positioned the university’s Law faculty a “nonpareil” and paragon for other Law faculties across the Nigerian universities.

Bowen University Distinguished Teaching Professor, Toyin Falola, said Professor Ojo engaged in infrastructural upgrade and instituted a culture of environmental management.

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