Bright Echefu Receives West African Personality of the Year Award by the ECOWAS Youth Council

The Executive Committee members of ECOWAS Youth Council, on Monday afternoon paid a courtesy visit to the Chief Executive Officer of TSTV Africa, Dr. Bright Ikechukwu Echefu to honor him with the prestigious West Africa personality award of excellence of the council.

Speaking at the event before the presentation of A�the award, the Chairperson of Council, Ambassador Williams commended the brain behind the TSTV ideology and concept of this rare feat that has pierced the monopolize market of the Nigerian digital television industry.

As a young and virile hardworking young man whose interest and focus is basically aligned and in conjunction with the service of humanity in general, Dr Echefu is a rare youth with vast understanding of the yearnings of the society.

Breaking the monopoly facet that has eaten deep into the fibre of the digital television world which in turn, has become a norm and gradually being accepted as all hope to address the oppressive trend was almost over until TSTV came to change the narrative and unpturn the A�phenomenon trend thereby, salvaging A�the cry of the common man.

In his words “We can without any equivocation bear testimony to the fact that Dr Bright Echefu has always supported any cause that will uplift the youth as well as whatever will accelerate the pace of socio-economic and educational transformation in Nigeria”

Responding, the Chairman, Dr Echefu enumerated the shortcomings and frugal attitude in supporting just cause by the youth especially in the areas of inventions. He, however, encouraged and urged the council not to derail in its template of integrity as they represent the interest of the generality of millions of future leaders in the African sphere.

He went further to pledge the company’s support to the council where necessary and to air their events for free.

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