Buhari: Dangerously Incompetent President

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

President Muhammed Buhari’s failure to end the killings in Plateau State confirmed this much: Any random scum yanked off the street to become president would almost certainly perform better than Buhari. Buhari has felt no urgency in ending the harvest of killings, instead he’s busy plotting and planning for second term.

It was clear in his first hundred days in office that he would be an incompetent president. But over the past year, he has proven himself to be a dangerously incompetent president. At the start of his presidency, Buhari’s bad judgment was embarrassing. It took him six months to appoint his ministers. It took him over two years to appoint heads of federal agencies. He appointed old men who are literarily on life support as ambassadors to key countries like US and Britain. His closest aides in Aso Rock who are neck deep in corruption are shielded from prosecution or losing their jobs.

On the international scene, he has amassed gaffes and snafus like no other president. His war on corruption has become a beer parlor joke. Under his very nose Bukola Abiku Mesujamba Saraki pulled a fast one on him: he declared himself Senate President and picked a member of the opposition as his deputy.

Buhari eulogized the butcher who annulled June 12 at an award ceremony held to honor MKO Abiola the winner of the annulled election. For weeks or months, he kept mute over the Benue killings. It is increasingly obvious to anyone following the killings that Buhari is demonstrably not up to the job. He’s the most clueless, incompetent, and self-deafeting President in the history of our nation.

The continual melting down of Buhari’s administration has reached unbelievably an even higher pitch over the last few days with the death of scores of innocent Nigerians. Sadly, the void created by a spectator President could not be filled by a morally and intellectually disabled National Assembly. The hapless incompetence of Buhari is virtually impossible to exaggerate. Yet, some buffoons still support and campaign for his re-election by covering his failures and incompetence with absurd and bizarre excuses.

Without any hyperbole, the nonstop systematic killings of innocent Nigerians describes Buhari’s leadership as endless parade of buffoonery, incompetence, and criminality. Mr. President, stop this senseless carnage. Stop this free flow of blood. And stop this harvest of death – Now. Forget about second term. If you cannot guarantee safety and security of citizens and properties, you’re not fit to be in Aso Rock a day longer than necessary.

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