Conflicting Judicial Decisions In The PDP Crisis And Governor Wike’s Maneuverings: Time For NJC To Act


By Achi William-Wobodo

Let me say straight away that I am not a member of the Peoples Democratic Party and therefore not concerned about its internal affairs, save that the party is infecting our judicial system and we must all rise up against that.

Having said that, may I then ask: when will the Nigerian State call Governor NYESOM WIKE to order and prevent him from further corrupting our Judiciary? is it when there is a breakdown of law and order or when our judiciary is completely bastardized?

HE IS AT IT AGAIN. In 2012, Wike used a judge of the High Court of Abuja to abuse the law in the case of Felix Obuah vs G.U. Ake, PDP and others, contrary to established judicial principles and decisions set out by the Supreme Court of Nigeria. The judge in that matter had earlier been reprimanded publicly in a previous case by the Supreme Court of Nigeria for similar misconduct. The judge repeated the same misconduct, yet Wike as a Minister and the Judge got away with the misconduct, the judge even got promoted.

Today, he has thrown another judge into yet an “unenviable” position. The first question would be: why is Nyesom Wike alway at the centre of these judicial controversies? What is his connection and relationship with these judicial officer? Could he be acting alone or has he syndicates within or outside the system that direct him on what to do, for instance “go here go there, meet this person meet that person?

For the judge, why would he put himself in such an inexplicably suspect position? Is Justice Watila not aware of the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of NIBS v. Union Bank reported in part 2004 NWLR, on how Courts of Coordinate Jurisdiction should behave when such circumstances arise?

Justice Watila mere intended to embarrass the Judiciary with his judgment. Today, he has not only embarrassed the judiciary but has also put the integrity of the Nigerian Police and the other Law Enforcement Agencies to probe. Citizens are now questioning the neutrality of the Nigerian Police for deciding to enforcing a subsisting Order of the Court. The Judge intended to hit up the polity, knowing that the PDP will accuse the APC led Government of being responsible for the IGP’s decision to enforce a subsisting order of a court. Justice Watilia can not deny that these were not the intended consequences of his action.

As his brother judge, Justice Abang rightly put it: “the Port Harcourt division of the Federal High Court cannot make an order neutralising the order made by this court. This is so because a court of coordinate jurisdiction cannot make an order that has the effect of overruling the order made by this court on the 28th of July restraining parties from taking any steps in relation to the subject matter of this suit. Any person that disobeys the court will have himself to blame.Nobody should bring himself with the direct confrontation of this court,”

This is the time for NIGERIAN JUDICIAL COUNCIL to speak and very loudly against judicial misconducts in our judicial system.

Achi William-Wobodo is a Social Engineer/Influencer

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