Dakuku Peterside And The Irresponsibility Of Desperation

By Simeon Nwakaudu 

Leadership comes with a responsibility.  It is this responsibility that gives leaders the presence of mind to think and make informed decisions.  This responsibility also ensures that leaders are able to distinguish common good from mundane political interest.

Dakuku’s appearance on Rhythm FM Port Harcourt’s flagship programme, Viewpoint on Saturday further confirmed why Rivers People  overwhelmingly  rejected him.  His penchant for lies, abusive language, houseboy disposition and outright irresponsibility are tiring, shameful .

Dakuku Peterside

Even when the facts are known to all, Dakuku Peterside will prefer to grand-stand so that  the video recording of his mischief  will be taken to his oga, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.  All this, in the name of governorship aspiration.

Mr Dakuku Peterside chose to trivialize the invasion of the Rivers State Judiciary by thugs sponsored by his principal, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and led by Former Asari Toru Local Government Area Chairman, Flag Amachree. Instead, he spent time heaping insults on the popularly  elected Governor of Rivers State.

Thank God, Rivers people stood their ground, drawing Dakuku’s attention  to the outstanding developmental strides of Governor Wike.  The programme must have emphasized to Dakuku Peterside, the futility of his endeavour.

Even as Dakuku await Amaechi’s pronouncement that he should run for governorship, the verdict of Rivers people is already known. They will re-elect Governor Wike in 2019. The endorsements have come from all local government areas, women and non-indigenes.

As the youths informed the police and APC crooks, nobody will be allowed  to circumvent  the will of the people.

For Dakuku’s education, the landscape of Rivers State is filled with pro-people  and life enhancing projects executed by the Wike administration .  All 23 Local Government Areas are feeling the impact of the best performing governor of Nigeria.

Like a caller told Dakuku Peterside, it is ungodly to deny the presence of Sakpenwa-Bori Road.  This all important road has been dualised by Governor Wike.  It has reached 98 percent completion.  Dakuku plies it weekly.  It was because of this road that Ogoni people embarrassed Dakuku and his oga when they said Governor Wike has done nothing. Amaechi was compelled to apologize and acknowledge Sakpenwa-Bori Road.

This piece cannot be reduced to a project listing one. If I take the bait, I will end up using over 20 pages and the essence will be defeated. However, Dakuku Peterside should remember  Oroigwe Road, Sakpenwa-Bori Road, Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo  Unity Road, Ecumenical Centre, Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, Elelenwo-Akpajo Road, Igwuruta-Chokocho Road, Obiri-Ikwerre Road, Mother and Child Hospital, Judges Quarters, Federal High Court Complex, National Industrial Court, Produce House, Bonny- Bille- Nembe Jetty, ATC Jetty, 13 General Hospitals , 185 Basic Education Schools among several others.

Majority Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Martin Amaewhule rightly informed Dakuku that his absence from the state has robbed  him of happenings here. Dakuku should mention one APC State that is performing like Rivers State.

It is  longer fashionable to lie in the political terrain. APC lied her way into to Government at the Federal Level. Since 2015, they have continued to lie. Dakuku lies without intelligence and scruples.  He lies for the sake of lying. The facts of Rivers Development are known and appreciated by the people.

Dakuku struggled without success to blame the Rivers State Governor for the soot in Port Harcourt.  This is the most uncharitable form of reasoning. That was why they  sponsored protests, instead of joining the Rivers State Government to tackle the soot. Governor Wike has done what is required of the State Government. The Federal Government and her agencies should act in line with their constitutional responsibilities.

It is true that Dakuku Peterside is desperate.  But even in desperation there should be honour.  Dakuku’s irresponsibility in desperation is disgusting.  With his master, they are prepared to unleash mayhem just wrest power. Their failure is guaranteed.

Governor Wike is rebuilding Rivers State despite  the paucity of resources. Rivers State is working despite the fact that the APC Federal Government has destroyed the national economy. Rivers State is largely peaceful because of the fundamental innovations of Governor Wike.

Governor Wike  is addressing critical developmental challenges neglected by Dakuku’s master for eight years, even though Amaechi received over N3trillion. Funds meant for  infrastructure were diverted to funding APC National Campaign.  Governor Wike started from the very beginning.  He met virtually nothing on ground.

Dakuku is confused and desperate because 2019 is beyond his reach as a result of the excellent works of Governor Wike.  He is utterly disappointed that anywhere he goes, the image of Mr Projects overshadows him and the APC. He is sad because the APC Federal Government has failed Rivers people by deliberately denying them federal projects for three years.  Dakuku Peterside is paranoid because Rivers people have rejected APC on the altar of Governor Wike’s good governance.

Yesterday’s disgraceful outing by Peterside will not be his last.  As a troubled man, he will continue to practice mischief in the hope that crumbs will be allocated to him for political survival.  Dakuku Peterside is a disgruntled town crier who has lost touch with Rivers people.

The  reality on ground is that Rivers people have since moved on. They have overcome the nightmare of the failed Amaechi administration and are enjoying quality projects and programmes under Governor Wike.  This position will be strengthened in 2019 when Governor Wike will be re-elected. Nobody  will return to Egypt in Rivers State, after experiencing the Promised Land.

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