Eid-el-Fitri: Ramadan Teachings, License For A Sane Nigeria – Oluwo

Oluwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, in his Eid-el- Fitri message, appealed to Nigerians to sustain the teachings of Ramadan, saying the inherent virtues in the month are enough to have a sane Nigeria.

Oluwo stated Ramadan, because of her uniqueness is the cleanest and most spiritual of all the months, urging Nigerians to cultivate the dos and abstain from don’ts of the month to have a healthy nation.

He described the month as a model of attaining virtue by an individual, noting that Ramadan teachings are tailored to fear of God, incorruptible, charity, modesty, piety, truthfulness and ultimately oneness of God that are measurements of progress, development and first class growth.

A Ramadan statement by his press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, reads “The best practices to nurture a sane society is the adoption of the teachings of Ramadan. It doctrine preaches against killing, corruption, adultery, stealing, lies, formication, blackmailing , backbiting and other inhuman features. Cultivating the virtues of God fearing in truthfulness, incorruptible, piety, charity, steadfastness and endurance will propagate a sane Nigeria for the advancement of her populace”

” One with fear of God as obtain in the month will not convert public funds to personal account, lie to steal, kill for money/ promotion, fornicate, indifferent to human feelings “

“I’m appealing to all Nigerians most especially the public servants to operate with fear of God as enshrined in the Holy Month. Sustaining her teaching will pave ways for a better Nigeria of our dream” Oluwo

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