EXCLUSIVE: Who Is DCP Abdulyari Lafia Working For?

L-R: IGP Ibrahim Idris and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, SAN

The Nigerian Police, formerly The Nigeria Police Force is the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria but it is very unfortunate that the Nigeria Police has been infiltrated by Politicians in Police Uniform.

On Monday, February 29th, 2017, the sum of $49,000 was stolen from one Mr Huseyin Oztunc, a Turkish National doing business in Nigeria by one Fatimah Mohammed.

Investigation by Swift Reporters shows that DCP Abdulyari Shuayau Lafia reached agreement with the suspect, Fatimah Mohammed to change her statement that the money; $49,000 was not stolen but a gift from Mr Huseyin Oztunc!

DCP Lafia therefore advised Fatimah Mohammed to institute a case at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory. Fatima instituted a suit No FCT/HC/CV/1588/16 Fatima Mohammed Vs IGP & 5 ORS. In the suit, she claimed damages of N200,000,000 and release to her the money recovered. In doing so, she placed heavy reliance on the Interim Investigation Report prepared and signed by DCP Abdulyari Lafia which she claimed to have seen and that the report exonerated her. The worst of the matter is that Fatimah Mohammed did not stop at that but got DCP Abdulyari Lafia to come to court to tender the report in her favour!

Further investigation by Swift Reporters shows that after diligent hearing of the case and on the 15th December, 2016, Justice Muawiyah Baba Idris dismissed the case of Fatimah Mohammed as one not capable of being heard under the Fundamental Right Rules.

Having seen the shameless role played by DCP Shuayau Lafia in his case and especially with the use to which he had put his Interim Investigation Report in his matter, which even his superior officers had not seen and vetted at the time he tendered it in court, Mr Huseyin Oztunc wrote the Inspector General of Police that a dis-interested team be raised to investigate his case.

The request of Mr Huseyin Oztunc was granted by the Inspector General of Police when he referred the matter to Special Tactical Squad (STS) under ACP Kolo Yusuf for fresh investigation.

The Inspector General of Police then forwarded the report of the Special Tactical Squad and the Interim Report produced by DCP Shuayau Lafia to the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice.

After careful study of the report, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of the Federation advised the release of the money recovered to Mr Huseyin Oztunc and further directed that FCIID forward its case file to it for further action. The DPPa��s Legal advice, as stated by the DPP is a product of careful analysis and a reflective consideration of the two case dairies reference CB.3380/FIB/FCIID/FHQ/ABJ/VOL1/32 and CB/3514/STS/FHQ/ABJ/VOL1/5 respectively dated 3rd January 2017 and 28th April, 2017 in respect of case daries Nos IBK/FIB/FCIID/FHQ/ABJ/46/2016; IGP/STS/FHQ/ABJ/182/2017. The legal advice was therefore balanced consideration of both files and not in isolation or exclusion of any.

Based on the DPPa��s legal advice, Mr Huseyin Oztunc approached the FCIID requesting for the release of the recovered money. On approaching DCP Abdulyari Lafia, he informed Mr Huseyin Oztunc that the money cannot be released and that he was doing a memo to his DIG to explain why. He did not tell Mr Huseyin Oztunc what was his impediment to the implementation of the DPPa��s legal advice.

Our investigation revealed that the money was released to Fatimah Mohammed instead of Mr Huseyin Oztunc with the claim by DIG Dagala Hycient that there were two conflicting advice from office of the DPP on the same subject matter and they had acted on an earlier advice directing them to release the money to Fatimah Mohammed. Further investigations revealed that the money was in custody of DCP Shuayau Lafia and not in the custody of Fatimah Mohammed.

The bottom line now is that the FCIID has failed to produce the money as advised by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and directed by the IGP. The failure however does not come to Mr Huseyin Oztunc as a surprise as FCIID can no longer account for the sum of N11, 700,000:00.

From the above, it could be seen that DCP Shuayau Lafia had connive with Fatimah Mohammed to turn the complainant to accuse and portray the Nigeria Police as bad to Mr Huseyin Oztunc. The question now is who is DCP Abdulyari Shuayau Lafia working for?

As we await answer to who DCP Lafia is working for, we called on the Attorney General of the Federation and the Inspector General of Police to protect the good image of the country and the Nigeria Police by releasing the money to Mr Huseyin Oztunc while DCP Abdulyari Shuayau Lafia and Fatimah Mohammed should be properly and adequately disciplined.

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