FELICITATION: HM King (Prof)A� TJT Princewill & Prince (Engr.) Tonye Princewill

Today 4th January marks your birthday! ThisA� special & memorable day in which God in His infinite mercy caused d birth of these two great outstanding persons that have become blessing to our generation will continue to be cherished by those these two great men have impacted positively in their lives

Today is truly unique as father (King TJT Princewill) shares the same birthday with his son (Prince Tonye Princewill)

This miracle could only be divine and I thank God fr allowing me cross the golden paths of these great men.

The part you two played in my life and that of my family will ever remain evergreen thru out our sojourn in this planet earth.

I pray God who have kept you two this far to continue to guide and uphold you two as you age with grace IJN!

Daddy & my BrotherA� Happy Birthday to you both.

Chf Eze C & Family

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