I Am Totally Opposed To The House Resolution On FSARS – Wanjoku Azubike



I represent the people of Ikwerre constituency at the RIVERS STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY and I am the President General of IKWERRE YOUTH MOVEMENT INTERNATIONAL. On the 4th of December, 2017 I was unlawfully and illegally suspended from the RIVERS STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY by Mr. Ikwunyi-Igbani (Speaker, RIVERS STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY) for expressing my opinion and the opinion of my party-ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS a�� on the unnecessary altercation between the GOVERNOR of RIVERS STATE and the FEDERAL SPECIAL ANTI-ROBBERY SQUAD of NIGERIA POLICE. I am totally opposed to the house resolution on FSARS.


I represent the people of ISIOKPO, ELELE, OMERELU, APANI, UBIMA, OMANWA, OZUAHA, OMADEME, IPO, OMAGWA, ALUU AND IGWURUTA. These communities are purely agrarian in occupation and today they live in fear of robbers, cultists and kidnappers. They are one of the food baskets of Rivers State but today can no longer go to farm, talk less of fill the baskets as women are raped daily in our farms (an abomination in Ikwerre land), Men are beheaded, young persons are kidnapped and made to pass through unprintable things that you can not wish your worst enemy. These are the acts that formed my opinion on the need for continued existence of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

I stand firmly by my opinion as published on the Nation newspapers of 22nd November, 2017,page 42 titled a�?LEAVE US OUT OF PETITION ON F-SARSa��. I inconsolably oppose the resolution of the house on the issue which was premised on the malice of members without due consideration of the feelings of their constituents. While the resolution was passed the Speaker was heavily protected and escorted to and fro work by MEN of the same Police force while his constituents were left at the mercy of crime in the society. These expected police reforms I subscribe to but I do not subscribe to #EndSARS. These reforms I support but not the scrapping of the unit.

In a society where dastardly criminal occurrence is a daily menu, the FEDERAL ANTI-ROBBERY SQUAD is a necessity. The Online Campaign against FSARS tagged #EndSARS Movement as suspected sponsored by the government of Rivers State has developed a life of its own and has necessitated the coming reforms or restructuring of the unit as proposed by the Inspector General of Police.

Federal Anti-Robbery Squad is a specialized unit of Nigeria Police responsible for combat of crime such as kidnapping, armed robbery, etal especially in our society (Rivers State) where various shade of violent crimes is increasing at a rapid rate. With my stand and unlawful suspension I have become the first victim of this campaign in Rivers State, the action of the speaker and the house shows that tolerance for crime or encouragement of crime is also increasing at an alarming rate.

This state, My State, Rivers State under the present administration is sick and needs HELP. My constituents are left at the mercy of perpetrators of various violent crimes with the tacit approval of my fellow elected lawmakers who are said to have voted for my unlawful suspension. I am unlawfully suspended for supporting continued official protection of lives and properties in accordance with our oath of office.

We must all join as Nigerians living within this geographical spread to subvert this politics of hatred and crime that has enveloped our state like the a�?black soota��.

We must, as Rivers people believe in humanity devoid of these unethical a�?ROUNDABOUTa�� policies that have led to fraudulent primitive swipe of state funds, crude acquisition of wealth, non-payment of salaries, non-payment of scholarships and have continued to encourage socially evil customs of beheading our sons and daughters.

I feel for you, my constituents for crime at the invitation of the government in recent times have ended up being celebrated.


I promise to challenge this legislative claptrap by the Speaker and his co-travelers in a court of law to bring to an end the segregation in the house and their support for the dismantling of law enforcement agencies. This recklessness by the Speaker relying on bogus orders of the house rules will not stand. He lacks the power to suspend any member of the house, as we do not represent ourselves but our constituencies.

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