Ibrahim Kpotun Idris Vs Nigerian Senate

It is good to do the right think today so that tomorrow will take care of itself. Because “Precedent” is always there to be use to pass a judgment either in favour or against.

It baffled me when I heard some people crucifying the IG of Police for simply ignoring those rogues who has turned the National Assembly to a tantrum ground. Such people will talk as if they were living in another Nigeria not this very one. Without siding with the IG for disrespecting Constitutional Authority, but why are they wailing as if this practice has not been there in this Country? The so-called patriots of today were bootlickers of yesterday who celebrated illegality and abuse of Power at many occasion because their Hero was the one in Power and he can’t erred neither goofed.

Do you know that this same Senate in the past invited the then Minister of Petroleum Diezani Allison Madueke on many occasion of issues bothering corruption in the Petroleum industry and she snubbed them without even sending a Representative?? Guess the position of this today patriots then? “National Assembly should leave Diezani alone, they want to mischievously rub Jonathan Govt of Corruption” And that was how it went mute and nothing happen {Tell me that a bad precedent was set there}

Do you also know that when Sen.  Stella Odua the then Minister of Aviation was involved in the illegal purchased of BMW bullet proof scandal she was invited by the Senate more than twice she turned down and refused to show up? The only day she manage to appear was to spend 15mints and told the Senate that she have a private meeting with Mr President so another day should be fix for her to appear and she never show up afterward . The Position of Wailers turned patriots at that time was ” Stella was Right “

Do you remember that the past Government abused and underrated the National Assembly too low that a very healthy Jonathan will rather delegate his Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to present the budget on his behalf while he is there seated in the Villa?? Is there any downgrading that is worse than this? Can President Muhammadu Buhari try it with this present Senate? The media will take the whole year discussing it while Saraki suspend the Executive itself.

And talking about the IG of Police, do you know that this hypocritical “Overnight” patriots who are descending on the IG today were the praise singers of the controversial Mbu Joseph Mbu  the then Commissioner of Police in Rivers state who molested Amaechi and politicize the police job even more than a Politician?? They didn’t pick any holes in Mbu’s  awful performance but today they want to eat-up the IG for simply sending a representative to represent him in the chambers of those rogues? What makes them think differently today?

Assuming we set a good precedent in the past, today could have taken care of itself.

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