Islamic Group Condemns Killings, Tasks Religious Groups To Promote Peaceful Coexistence

The Al-Habibiyya islamic Society an NGO based in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, has called on religious leaders to desist from making statements capable of threatening the peace.

Imam Fuad Adeyemi

The Executive Director of the society Imam Fuad Adeyemi made the call when he met with Imams in Lagos in south west Nigeria.

Imam fuad said ” our religious leaders must intensify their push for peace 8n their respective communities because it is only when there is peace that we can foster development in our nation”,

“The wanton and indiscriminate destruction of innocent lives and properties under whatever guise is condemnable and we must as muslims speak out against it and put efforts to denounce hate speech as well as all acts capable of erroding peaceful coexistence”, he said.

Imam fuad said the meeting with the Imams was in continuation of its anti- corruption project- Encouraging Accountability and Transparency through Faith based Institutions EAT-Fin.

He blamed the agitations accross the country on manifestation of years of corruption which had robbed the nation of basic infrastructure and alienated the majority of the populace.

“We must all unite to fight corruption in Nigeria and religious leaders must take the lead in this regard. When we condemn corruption, when religious leaders make anti-corruption a priority , their adherents will also reduce corrupt tendencies”, he said.

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