KWASUa��s AVCNU a�� A Success At Home And Abroad

AVCNU CONFERNCE 2107: KWASU leaves a conference legacy to remember

Success, pride and unity are three words delegates to the recent Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigeria Universities, AVCNU, hosted by Kwara State University used to describe the Professor Abdulrasheed Naa��Allah led team for a successful hosting. These feelings are supported by the positive experiences of local vendors who came to transact their businesses during the event.

Immediately the baton of hosting was passed on to KWASU, the institution hit the ground running in order to ensure a memorable experience for would be delegates.

The picture that emerged following the final wave of this reportera��s survey is of an institution that took increasing pride in a conference which was considered not only a huge success in its own right, but also an important event in terms of promoting national unity and educational excellence. There is no doubt that many thought young KWASU would have it rough hosting the conference. But many also later had many awed in experience the way they were treated while it lasted.

The post-event findings suggest that the event strengthened this sentiment, with most of the delegates applauding the KWASU team for the near perfect organization. The post-conference results also showed an upswing in institutional confidence, with nine out of ten staffs feeling that their university had a stronger sense of self-belief post-conference and others feeling more confident than ever before in their institutiona��s capabilities.

Positive reflections were not reserved only for staffs, students and host community members of the host institution, as a separate survey of external visitors indicated. Almost three-quarters of those orally polled said that they were visiting KWASU for the first time. No less than 83 per cent of the visiting delegates questioned expressed an intention to return to the institution, while 94 per cent said they would happily recommend a visit to KWASU to prospective students, their friends and family. These comments in particular will go down well with the institutions proprietor.

a�?These findings highlight what we felt all along, that hosting the event in KWASU would prove to be a huge success. I am pleased to see that our confidence is clearly reflected in public opinion, as expressed in these surveys,a�? said the Vice Chancellor of the university.

Another aspect rated highly by the delegates and participants was the extent of KWASUa��s preparations for the conference. The venue, the universitya��s mini convocation arena, a sight to behold was seen in a positive light by 99 per cent of visitors, a clear show of gratitude for the efforts made by the workers involved in the eventa��s organization phase.

One overriding emotion that shines through the collected findings is that of pride, and maybe a little bit of defiance a�� 91 per cent of KWASU students said they were proud that their university was able to prove all the doubters wrong.

No one who was in KWASU for the eventa��s opening ceremony can say organisers failed to rally the institution.
Hearteningly, KWASU made the AVCNU conference its own. In its own way, that too can be chalked up as a success by organizers. It was hard to find many delegates with negative words for the host, with the warmth of the welcome and infectious enthusiasm almost universally praised. Organisers have loaded much on to this AVCNU conference in terms of the legacy it will leave.

That is why it is not too much to say to WELLDONE KWASU, and GOOD LUCK AVCNU

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