Meet Buogo Obi; The 25 Year Old CEO of Wooddesignes Furniture Company


Meet The 25 Year Old CEO of Wooddesignes Furniture Company; Buogo Obi

Buogo Obi, is a young Nigerian woman, and the CEO of WoodDesignes Furniture Company, a furniture making company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

She heads one of the biggest furniture making brands in the West African country which prides itself as a maker of quality and affordable furniture products.
Earlier in the week, Miss Buogo Obi was spotted at the Game stores in Lekki, she spoke with one of our correspondents on her life, business and a host of other issues.

On meeting the young woman, her appearance showed that she surely was one who was not cut out for the employee life but the CEO lifestyle. When asked about how she became the CEO of WoodDesignes (a 30 year old firm) at 25 years of age, she spoke of how her father was the head of the furniture making firm before she took it over.

She also pointed it out that she took over a couple of years ago after practicing as a Doctor of Physiotherapy for a short while. She talked about her skill and expertise in physiotherapy is helping shape healthy furniture for her brand.

As a CEO, she believes in allowing her workers express themselves to the fullest while ensuring these expressions are in tandem with the aims, objectives and mission of the brand.

For her brand, WoodDesignes, she sees the brand being in the forefront of furniture making in the sub-Saharan country. She also mentioned how the brand has successfully turned around the industry by being the first to have a digital platform where you can order furniture online and have it delivered to your house.

On her life, she talked about how well she unwinds with friends and family when the need arises, she is an ardent believer in God, with her principal belief being; God works even in business.

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