MKO Abiola And June 12: Is Nigeria’s Democracy Dead Or Alive?

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

MKO Abiola won the 1993 presidential election. The election was the freest and the fairest election held in Nigeria. The tooth-gap dictator-butcher IBB dastardly murdered both the winner and our democracy. Ever since, we’re yet to recover from the shock and trauma. June 12 uprooted our democracy. It was the end of our democracy.

If we cannot imagine a future for democracy, it means the demise of our democracy is assured. With the invocation and consecration of June 12 and the coming out of new, young, vibrant, radical, and progressive aspirants for president in 2019 to challenge the old, backward and destroyers of our nation and people, there’s hope and faith to institute new forms of democratic governance.

The annulment of June 12 should spark a Democratic Revolution that would dethrone the monarchical and colonial 18th and 19th centuries type of governance we call democracy. The collective will and interests of our people have been subverted and replaced with competing and contradictory obligation to ptotect the cabals and the oligarchy.

Late MKO Abiola

As 2019 beckons, June 12 provides us the rare opportunity to end the corporate takeover and the decimation of our democratic institutions. Indeed, this election year should motivate and galvanize us to conceive and cultivate more radically democratic institutions for 2019 that center on the welfare and well being of our people, rather than on the few political prodigals, prostitutes, and parasites.

June 12 should be a catalyst to speed up our experiment in 2019 with radical participatory democracy. June 12 should end politics of etnonationalism, bigotry, and authoritarianism. It should flush plutocracy, autocracy from our democratic institutions and all vestiges of ancient evils.

If we’re to immortalize MKO, we should move from being three nations: separate, hostile, and unequal to one unified democratic nation that will ensure new forms and practices of popular sovereignty at the local, state, and federal where no Nigerian is excluded, discriminated, and disenfranchised.

In memory of MKO, June 12 should serve as a new education in democracy. In 2019, we should forge active democracy that gets the job done like kabuki democracy and karaoke democracy terms used to explain modern Japanese politics. We should rid ourselves and our system of what Fidel Castro called garbage democracy in representation and operation. In 2019. We should also purge our democracy of what is known as somnolent democracy a term used to describe countries with docile citizens.

To be sure, our democracy is not dead but alive and thriving, our new democracy in 2019 should lead to more inclusion, equality, self-rule, autonomy, non-violence, fairness, justice, economic security, and pursuit of happiness within our states, between our states, and in our lives. In short, our new democracy in 2019 should guarantee peace, progress, and prosperity. I believe this is the best way to honor and immortalize MKO, June 12, and our democracy. Anything short of this means killing MKO all over again by denying him the rest and peace he well deserves.

Let’s go there!

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