NANS Felicitates With World Youths On International Youth Day


The newly elected national leadership of NANS felicitates with all youths in Nigeria and the world at large in the commemoration of this year International Youth Day set aside to appreciate the roles of youths in building capacity for national development.

The youths represent the future of any nation,Nigeria inclusive,and the resources inherent in this group should be exploited for maximum benefit of the nation.

Understanding that the youths are the strength of the nation,it becomes imperative to positively channel the strength inherent in this group towards building capacity and combating corruption at a time when the country seems rudderless in the brink of economic recession.

Corruption jeopardises not just the present but more importantly the future of any nation,as it severely compromises the future for the sake of the present.Thus directly and indirectly,the youths who represents the future of the nation,are the greatest long term victims of corruption that is now a bane causing the current hunger and starvation Nigeria is facing,it only makes sense to engage the youths domiciled among Nigerian students in the fight against corruption,bad governance,inequality,nepotism and maladministration.

The new leadership of NANS will relate with other youth groups and stakeholders to create a platform for Nigerian youths and students to come together for the purpose of considering their perspectives on nation building,anti-student policies of the government and corruption as well as discussing how they can be positively engaged in the fights against these societal menace hindering the growth and development of our dear nation.

We will engage with potential leaders to mould their attituditional disposition to matters of national interests in the midst of crisis and wanton corruption.

The NANS will also engage our students in those areas particularly associated with youths such as cybercrime and digital age corruption with a view to exposing the dangers and redirect them to positive purposes.

While we once again congratulate the youths globally in celebration of this year International Youth Day,we beseech on the youths to be sensible,rational and law abiding in their adventures.

God bless NANS!!
God bless Nigerian Youths!!!

Comrade Chinoso Obasi (IBB)

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