Nasarawa West Senate 2019: Challenges and Hopes, Toto Picks Barr. Abdullahi

Hon. Mohammed Abdullahi

Yahaya Idris, Toto.

The people of Nasarawa West Senatorial District seem to have formed opinion and made up their minds on the pattern their votes will speak in the general elections coming up February 2019, as the political gladiators will be battling for the soul of Nasarawa West during the election.

The political climate has been heightened the All Progressives Congress, APC, incumbent Senator Abdullahi Adamu is warming up for the third term while Barrister Mohammed H. Abdullahi will be using the platform to unseat the incumbent Senator.

The political observers are feeling that the convention of the people should be respected and that there should be a rotational arrangement among the people of the senatorial district.

The candidates, their chances and challenges in the 2019 election, issue to be given consideration that will direct and shape the voting pattern of the people.

A revelation from Toto Local Government shows that Senator Abdullahi Adamu chances of winning the 2019 election is very, very remote as the masses of the senatorial district feel insulted that since assumption of office 6 years ago nothing tangible has ever come from him. They maintained that ordinarily, he should not be in the contest again it should be an all business of the youth affairs.

Secondly, his personal disposition to the people of Nasarawa West, high and low is generally noted to be nothing to write home about.

Also acknowledged is his vibrancy in the upper chamber that has not brought in any democracy dividends to the people of the axis.

Another issue widely discussed about Sen. Abdullahi Adamu is his failure to identify with his people, inaccessibility. He has severally failed to attend to issue of Toto people.

He has failed to give feedback to his people on his activities in the senate this too is a minus for him.

Finally, his over reliance on people who have turned themselves into political demagogues in a Republican political setting is mostly a minus, for people renown with the word’ Mr Do Nothing” and so every individual is opinionated in the politics and otherwise.

Hon. Mohammed Hassan Abdullahi is another political actor whose presence the public opinion sees as been on liberation mission, his popularity among the people acceptable today is uncontestable as the people see him as agent of change among the aspirants.

Hon. Abdullahi accessibility is an advantage to him, he endear himself to the people.

The Toto politics like the politics in the other Local Government Area is influenced by political leaders who will determine what direction their people should tilt towards and to advocate whom they should support or not.

Hon. Mohammed Abdullahi is the present Secretary to Nasarawa State Government.

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