October 14th And Onward, Your Actions Must Deafen The Listeners Of Your Words In Ekiti

By Abiodun Borisade

Many relational species of the supposed Extinct Political Dinosaur of Ekiti Polity remain; their political relevance & activities though caged, yet must not be complacently handled as every politics has a local content.
Only that big, classic dinosaur is extinct!!

Birds are living dinosaurs as evidenced by paleontology experts….

*”This election is an extinction of the dinosaur. The dinosaur is extinct now. The size of the dinosaur could not save it from extinction. Fayose saw himself as the dinosaur.” -Bimbo Daramola, The Nation Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

Psephological reasoning indicates…..

The most scary part of #Ekiti2018 Political Process is that the supposedly enlightened sector of Society (Government workers & teachers alike) voted for continuity of a dinosaur dynasty!!

This is very strange and dangerous.

This is despite being owed over 8 months salaries arrears.
Pundits’ generally conclude that a whole lot of illiterates masquerading as civil servants & Teachers.

Their recruitment and level of education is indeed suspect!!

It won’t be Politically Expedient to examine or test them but something urgently has to be done!!

There is need for a highly informed new age bracket to make impact in State development….
Diffuse the public service with new recruits and new orientation.

The jinx of past Progressive Governments not employing into the core civil service or teaching is bearing fruits.

*he warranted need for this silver bullet as concerns #Ekiti’s many Societal Problems takes root from years of wrong orientation and misinformation as propagated within communities by recalcitrant civil servants; that mentality of self condenmanation to accepting less than best option!!!….

The readily heard voices that speak at grassroots are the civil servants, it is time to Conduct an open mass recruitment exercise as realistically soon as possible. Hence our common patronage be rescued.

If any governor can best summount the necessities as concerns long and short term finacial implications for an enlarged civil service and it’s reorientation, I will Swear JKF has the necessary wherewithal.

On proven record is JKF’s inherent ability to galvanise into place relevant components of a successful Team needed for this task ahead, also worthy of note is the good fortunes bequeathed his every endeavour through God’s grace.

Abiodun Borisade writes from Ekiti State

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