People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Needs Image-Maker Not Accuser Or Attacker


By Yusuf Adeyanju Yisau, ANIPR

Publicity work is a critical organisational function that requires some special skills in order to deliver.

It is expected of a spokesperson of a party to be able to analysis the trends, predict the consequences, counsel the party’s leadership on issues, and implement the planned programmes of the party.

Publicity job is not about attack, abuse, insult or accusing people. You can only attack the accuser(s) during reputation repair and behavioural intentions just to prove that nothing is wrong with your party or just to put the record straight.

PDP as a party needs an image-maker who is capable to handle the publicity department of the party not accuser or attacker because the party is in need of reputation repair, image projection, clarifications and management of our own internal crises.

Support & Vote Professor Abubakar Olanrewaju Sulaiman As National Publicity Secretary of PDP.


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