Special Tactical Squad Is A Decent And Professional Unit Of The Police Force – Young Professionals

Nigerians have been called upon to ignore some section of the publication in Premium Times titled “REPORTER’S DIARY: Detained PREMIUM TIMES journalist, Samuel Ogundipe, narrates ordeal in police custody” published on Friday.

In a press release on Friday, 31st August, 2018 and signed by the National Coordinator of United Young Professionals, Adewole Kehinde, he condemned the statement from Samuel Ogundipe that “several others how people had been in and out of the STS detention due to sloppy investigation by the police. Their tales provided a mental fodder to help me endure my first experience in custody”.

“We wish to say that the Special Tactical Squad personnel are intelligent officers and well educated, they carry out investigations to a logical conclusion before approaching the Magistrate in most case. The issue of “sloppy investigation” can’t be associated with the personnel as insinuated by Ogundipe.

Adewole further said, “STS detainees are never condemned as all detainees are innocent until proven guilty by the court of competent jurisdiction. The personnel are well trained to carry out interrogation under a conducive environment.

“The impression that detainees are psychologically torture to give in is very wrong. We have had the course to visit detainees most of the time and we can say authoritatively that no detainees have ever been isolated in an attempt to crush their spirit and weaken their will, Adewole reiterated.

“The name ‘abattoir’ came into been because that particular location was formally used by the FCT Abattoir Services before they were relocated to a decent place as development around the FCT increases, so the impression Samuel Ogundipe gave was a total delusion to the general public, Adewole said.

“The Special Tactical Squad is a unit spearheaded by one of the most refined and intelligent Police Officer, DCP Kolo Yusuf and likewise all the personnel under him are refined and determined to carry out their duties in accordance to international standard of Policing, the statement concluded.

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