Stop Intimidating The IGP; Youth Alliance Tells Senate

It is high time the Senate leadership do away with mixing security issues with Politics if really they are interested working with the Executive to put an end to the unrest in some part of the country.

This was contained in a press release in Lagos by the National Coordinator of Integrity Youth Alliance, Kelvin Adegbenga. He said that if the Senate is not having any hidden agenda, they would have listened to the DIG Operations and his team who came to represent the IGP twice before the Senate.

“We are stunned that the Senate could called the Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim K-Idris ‘enemy of democracy and not fit to hold any public office within and outside Nigeria’ even when invitation was not extended to the IGP to appear before the Senate today, Wednesday 9th May, 2018, Adegbenga said.

He further said that the IGP was in Abuja as at yesterday, Tuesday, 8th May, 2018 and was among the entourage that saw President Buhari off to London, so I wonder why the Senate Leader could say he couldn’t get the Inspector General of Police on phone for two days.

“We challenge the Senate leadership to show the evidence of the third invitations to the IGP as Nigerians are no longer novice to hear one side of the story without listening to the other.

“The DIG Operations is in the best position to answer the questions on the activities of the Nigeria Police in puting an end to the insecurity rocking some part of the country while the issue surrounding Senator Dino Melaye case is in court, so it will be inappropriate for the Police to commend on it in order not to jeopardize the court case, the statement concluded.

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