THROWBACK: Benue Crisis;18 Associates Of Benue Militant Arrested

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris on Wednesday said 18 people suspected to be responsible for the crisis in some parts of Benue state have been arrested.

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The police chief also disclosed that a cache of arms belonging to a repentant militant, Tewase Akwaza popularly known as Ghana has also been recovered.

The suspects arrested are believed to be the close associates of Ghana.

The police noted that Ghana and his associates are responsible for some of the crisis witnessed in the state, adding that he (Ghana) has been placed on a wanted list.

The police chief also hinted that the weapons in Ghana’s possession can be used to attack a country.

He said this in Abuja at the monthly meeting with members of the management of the Force and other senior officers.

According to him: “A non-militant who has been declared wanted has taken it upon himself to cause havoc in Benue State.

“As at two days ago, a joint operation was conducted with the military and state services and a lot of array of weapons have been discovered and some of the weapons are going to be used to prosecute some of the suspects.

“We have about 18 suspects in detention presently from that area, though the man himself is still on the wanted list and we are pursuing him.

“His close associates have all been arrested and in few days times, some of them will be paraded so that this country can see the kind of people that are causing crisis all over the country.

Describing the weapons in Ghana’s possession, the police chief said: “I want people to see the array of weapons recovered from him. With the arms he has, you will think he wants to attack a whole country.

“I have to appreciate the governor of the state because he came openly and admitted that he made a mistake to have given him amnesty because with the recent recovery of arms, what he gave during the amnesty programme was just to deceive Nigerians.

“I am saying it because some of the disarmament processes are just connivance to fool the public.

He urged senior officers to give special attention to repentant criminals.

According to him: “No matter the issue of amnesty, we should put a close eye on repentant criminals because in the case of Ghana, he has so many weapons like machine guns and he claimed to have repented during the amnesty programme.

“He was paraded in the public with rickety weapons to deceive us unknown to us that he has more. So, we have to take a second look at some of these things.

“Hundreds of people were killed by him who pretended to have embraced amnesty while in the real sense, his armaments are buried within those areas,” Idris said.

It was also revealed that over 100 kidnappers have been arrested in less than a year by the Anti-Kidnapping Unit led by ACP Abba Kyari.

He said: “We have to give kudos to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit for what they are doing to arrest some of the criminals. The team led by Kyari is doing wonderful jobs because they have arrested hundreds of kidnappers.

“In the history of this country, we have not seen where police respond immediately to kidnapping issue and so far, we have to commend them.”

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