We Have Been Arresting Criminals And Killers From All Tribes, Religions And Regions – Kyari

By DCP Abba Kyari

Please No one Should mislead Nigerians. We have been Arresting criminals and killers from all tribes, Religions and Regions. Nobody has stopped us from Arresting any group of Criminals or killers in these Country because they are from certain tribes.

Hundreds of Criminal and Killer Herdsmen have been Arrested by my Unit across the country in the last 7months and we have recovered hundreds of Rifles and other weapons from them. They were equally Paraded before the press, you can Google and see them easily. 70 percent of our arrest within the last 7 months relating to violent Crimes in Northern Nigeria are the Criminals and killers among the Herdsmen, (Google and See the Arrest in Kaduna, Niger, Kogi, Benue, Edo, Delta, Nasarawa, Plateau etc etc).

We have Millions Of Herdsmen rearing cows in this country and less than 10 percent of them are the Criminals and killers and over 90 percent are peaceful Herdsmen rearing their cows. And notwithstanding-all our arrest, many bad ones are still remaining in the bush committing Havoc and we are not relenting on them.

In Benue, we arrested Alh. Laggi who is the leader of the killer Herdsmen and his men and it’s in the media (Google and See). He is still with us and helping in investigation. Also Many have been Arrested by the military and other police departments too.

America has been fighting ISIS and Terrorist for many years across the world, Have they finished them? Does that mean America is not fighting Terrorism? Is our Military not Arresting and killing Boko Haram for many years? Have they finished? It takes time to eradicate Criminals hiding inside the bush attacking innocent Citizens in Guerilla type of War. This is not conventional War. In Many States there are many Groups of Criminals, Herdsmen and Criminals from other Tribes who are armed with Prohibited fire arms like AK47 Rifles and killing innocent people and we are working round the clock arresting all of them from all tribes as our records has shown.

It’s Sad that some Nigerians out of Political differences or hatred will be misleading Nigerians and trying to propagate hatred and Disunity in the country. May GOD shame the people Struggling to Sow seeds of Disunity and hatred. May GOD help us bring all the killers of innocent people across the country to Justice, May GOD Punish all the killers and those that Sponsor, Harbor And Support them and May the Souls of our deceased Innocent brothers and Sisters killed across the country Rest In perfect Peace.

May God Continue to bless, Unite and Guide our Country and its People, Ameen.

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