Why Youths And Others Personalities Throws Their Weights Behind Maikaya

By Comrade Yahaya Idris Toto.

If given the mandate, Nasarawa people will have access to Geologist, Chief Hon. Comrade. Musa Muhammed Maikaya, and profit from him through the following: Social Mobilization for discipline, social justice, peace and security, inspire confidence, ideas from ideological ignorance and economic prosperity.

Invest in consensus building through hardwork, competition, selfless service and economic prosperity.

As his code of conduct, Hon. Musa Muhammed Maikaya has the following to his credit; Absolute believe and faith in the creator which is Allah (SWA), unshakable pursuit of truth, Abundant visions and diplomacy, unquestionable character, gender is not a barrier, passion for equity and development, corruption is an enemy, violence should not exist and finally, our Commonwealth is our strength.

We need to have a new Nasarawa State that can compete favourably with mega States of Lagos, Rivers and Kano.

This very important need hinges on the intellectual depth and knowledge about the working of the state apparatus and the international exposure of the aspirant, if Nasarawa state want to move into the next dispensation with pride.

The succession arrangement that has worked effectively for Lagos State which had made it a model for other states to emulate by all.

The former Senator and Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Chief, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, always had in his mind the picture of new Lagos a real centre of Excellence prepared a youthful, intellectual savvy and above all a man that has had a hand in the conceptualization, designs and implementation of most of the successful governments programmes.

In other words, Muhammed Maikaya want us to put our intellectual class to work in the field of political leadership, we must never be led in the 21st century by bits players and artisans who lack complete vision of the structure they contend with and cannot relate politics to the needs for development. We must return to our age long values of hardwork, moderation and delayed gratification.

Our young ones are now too much in a hurry to make it, thus-many are into crime and thuggery.

If we revere hard work, we must never worship sudden or unexplained wealth.

Chief Maikaya want us to go back to the drawing board, reappraise our ugly past, reorganized our potentials and seek our future in the only treasure we know, namely, Agriculture, the neglect of Agriculture for political maneuvering had diminished us. It has eluded our vision, blight our potentials and hid our treasure.

It has turned our medical Doctors and Engineers into Civil Servants, it has reduced our farmers into street beggars. It has sent our citizens asleep. The only reasons why we have not slept is that poverty, hunger and disease will not let us.

We can go on and on, but suffice it to say that the only way to the resurrection of our princely past is at the feet of our soil. This is the truth.

Hon. Muhammed Maikaya is an Open Book. An Open Book of DREAMS.

Chief Maikaya Dream of a Nasarawa brotherhood where all are respected and accepted with dignity and respect, a dream that Nasarawa be provided wit concrete examples of integrity, honesty and concerns for others.

A dream of a Nasarawa society where each members is considered a human person with the right to live in peace and justice.

A dream of Nasarawa State where there will be resign of peace and prosperity and where the citizens are tolerant regardless of creed, race and culture. For him, to classify people is to deny their capacity to grow, it destroys the future and kills hope.

Finally, we make bold to say that the aspiration of Chief Musa Muhammed Maikaya For Governorship of Nasarawa State will create a border less Nasarawa State. He is a man of strong character, determination and acceptability. With age on his side, a sound academic background, a big war chest and the fact that he is from Toto Local Government Area in Nasarawa West, makes Mr. Muhammed Maikaya a unifying factor that can demystify the conglomeration of our opposition parties and personalities.

Many thanks for going through the write up.

Comr. Yahaya Idris Toto is theA�Head of Department, Maikaya Youthf Support Group Nasarawa State.

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