September 18, 2021

Amaechi: The Pitiable Present Political Conditions Of Politicians Who Plotted To Kill Amaechi’s Political Career Exposed

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By Godspower Igwe,


Godspower Igwe a reputable, patriotic, Media Influencer and influential youth Leader from Rivers State takes a look at the sorry and pitiable political conditions of some Rivers State political leaders that once vowed to destroy the political career of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi erstwhile Governor of Rivers State and the incumbent Minister of Transportation

According to this fearless enfant terrible, my main task here is a very simple one, put in clear and visible words, and it aims at placing side by side, what each of the identified politician here, said, (concerning former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi) with the very political fate courting them today.

The import of this literature is to remind every mortal that, “no single human being has the right to arrogate unto oneself the place of God”.

The way and manner these politicians cascaded Rotimi Amaechi and foreclosed his destiny ahead of the 2015 General Elections, was something about which every living being should reflect.

Now, let us listen to them one after the other as they roared:

1. Minister Nyesom Wike:

“By the time we take over Aso Rock and Rivers State Government House, Portharcourt in 2015, we shall block the airspace, the boarders, major roads, the waterways, and major National Boundaries. We shall capture Rotimi Amaechi by hand, and ensure he goes to jail, for every loots and monies belonging to Rivers State, which are in his coffers…”
NYESOM WIKE in 2015.

Present Political Condition of Wike:
Today, the Wike who hid under the guise of defending Niger Delta and Ijaw cause, to become Governor, has virtually terminated Uche Secondus’ stay in office as PDP National Chairman, while himself has been rendered to relegation based on the undercurrents in present PDP. His whole attention right now, barely one year and half in Rivers State Government House, is VAT and Revenue; no noise over lordship of PDP anymore.

2. Felix Obuah:

“We shall teach Rotimi Amaechi the lessons of his life, as soon as we chase him out of Government House, Portharcourt come May 29th, 2015. The little immunity he enjoys at the moment shall be no more in a matters of days…”

FELIX OBUAH (PDP Chairman), 2015.

Felix Obuah’s Condition Today:
This very man called Felix Obuah, who had a boy called Don Wanny as his bulldog in Ogba Egbema Ndoni LGA Rivers State between 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 to 2016, was a supreme voice in the Orashi region- he dictated who lived and who died in his LGA, particularly APC Members and followers of Rotimi Amaechi. There was an instance of Late Mr. Adube an APC Chieftain; the latter was butchered along with his daughter, son, driver, cook, and a relative who visited. His crime was, he attended an APC Meeting. Records are available.
Today, this former Rivers State PDP Chairman, who delivered Mr. Wike into Government House, is on early retirement, and confined to his Omoku Hotel, called Chrisdera. We hear he has been illegally campaigning to be Rivers State Governor in 2023. Meanwhile, Governor Wike has warned him to ensure Rivers State is clean or he risks losing his job as Rivers Waste Manager.

3. Sir Celestine Omehia:

“Rotimi Amaechi has no respect for elders. We have gotten rid of him from the ruling party. We thank God for a Messiah like Nyesom Wike, who has come to liberate Rivers State…”

Omehia’s Condition Now:

Mr. Omehia, who is a graduate of International Law from a United States University, and a one time Care-Taker Governor of Rivers State, is today reduced to a placard carrier in Abuja. He was recently sighted on Abuja street campaigning for Wike’s 2023 failed Presidential bid.
Many Rivers people are not happy how/why Wike chose to keep Omehia like this.

4. Austin Okpara:

“We brought Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi into political relevance…,he was a nobody, and today he has chosen to betray us. This year, 2015, is his last year in politcs…”

Condition With Austin Okpara Today:
Mr. Austin Okpara, from Dioubu in Portharcourt, former Deputy Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, is today, and at every now, and then, seen being dragged by Governor Wike all over, like a traveling bag. He is rumoured to be Wike’s choice of an Ikwerre successor, if such dream is at all possible. Mr. Okpara is a common messenger now for Nyesom Wike.

5. Uche Secondus:

“Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is a small boy. We nurtured him politically, and to that extent, we shall discipline him at the appropriate time, and that is, as soon as we form Government. He is a betrayal, and must be treated as one in due course…”

Present Fate of Uche Secondus:
Need we say further, or enumerate the throes of the Andoni born former National Chairman of the PDP?
His little friend, Wike has decimated him politically, using billions of Naira from the coffers of Rivers State.
Uche Secondus is on compulsory retirement courtesy of Wike, as he no longer calls the shots in Wadata House.


Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi CON, Minister of Transportation, Federal Republic of Nigeria, is today adjudged and celebrated as a signature of the Muhammadu Buhari’s infrastructural development revolution.
The same Amaechi who was billed for arrest on Air, Sea, land boarders, etc., championed the defeat of PDP in , and out, 2015 and 2019.
The Man, Amaechi is busy with the Nigerian Project, while the noisemakers highlighted in this literature, are busy fighting themselves.
More open punches are expected between them in moments to come.


The very idle politician who joined them recently is Mr. Magnus Abe; he actually confessed that, (quote) “I am the greatest investment of Rotimi Amaechi” (2019).

But, Mr. Abe allowed the Greek ‘diabolos’ to penetrate his subconscious, and today, he has left partisan politics, for an NGO called Rivers Voice of Freedom. Mr. Magnus Abe is also hoping to outsmart all other PDP Guber-hopefuls to secure it’s 2023 ticket. Rumour has it from some contestable source that the former Senator, who did not attract anything to Rivers South-East for eight years, is in the good books of Nyesom Wike, should godWike opt to look towards Ogoni for a successor in 2023.

No wonder the Gokana Brain Box had always dragged Rivers State APC before Nyesom Wike’s Judiciary Supermarket, securing very controvertible Court judgements and midnight injunctions, before the intervention of the Supreme Court and the latest invitation of these criminal judges to question by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Muhammad Tanko.


Would you not draw a conclusion on your own, that Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is God’s own Project?

God bless Rivers State,
God bless Nigeria”

Godspower Igwe is a reputable Media Influencer and Manager Based in Port Harcourt and can be reached thru 07036247417

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