Bayelsa Women Rallies Citizens For Peaceful November 11, Governorship Election

In their determination and collective pursuit of a peaceful Gubernatorial election in Bayelsa State, come 11th November 2023, the Bayelsa Women Arise, a community-based women’s organization, has concluded plans to organize, a Peace Walk in the State. The aim of the Walk, scheduled for Tuesday, 24 October 2023, is to sensitize the people of the State, on the importance of ensuring peace, during the forthcoming Governorship election in the State.

Referring to the ugly incidences of election violence, in the State, particularly in the two previous Governorship elections the State, the Women, in a statement signed by Ebi Dienagha, stated, that “the people of Bayelsa are no longer willing to witness a situation, where a mere democratic process of election, is turned to a theatre of war, due to the desperation of some politicians in the State, to win elections at all cost.” The group also reminded the people of the state, of the magnitude of loss of lives and properties, witnessed during those elections, stating that, there is no alternative to peace, in ensuring that the will of the people manifests during elections.

The group further said, the Peace Walk, will mark a significant step towards ensuring a peaceful and transparent gubernatorial election in Bayelsa state.

“The forthcoming governorship election presents us with an opportunity to actively participate in the democratic process that shapes the future of our state. As women, we understand the importance of a peaceful electoral environment, and we are committed to ensuring that the electoral process in Bayelsa State is characterized by peace, unity, and fairness.

We call on all women, men, and the entire community of Bayelsa State to join us in this Peace Walk as a demonstration of our commitment to peaceful coexistence and active citizenship. Together, we can ensure that our state continues to progress and that the voices of our people are heard.” the statement further stated.

The group also encouraged the media, civil society organizations, political parties, and all relevant stakeholders to support the advocacy, for a peaceful and democratic election in Bayelsa State.