Bayelsans Clamour For Diri’s Re-election

In the run-up to the state’s governorship election on November 11, some Bayelsa State citizens spoke to Swift Reporters on why they want Governor Diri back in office.

A civil servant, Benson Igali, who spoke to Swift Reporters in Yenagoa, said that Gov. Diri’s administration has ensured a level playing field for all parties and the opposition in the state, as he has not arm-twisted them like in other states such as Kogi State.

A businessman in the Akenfa area of Yenagoa, Pere Ekpedekumo, urged the security agencies to be alert to forestall any act of violence ahead of Saturday’s election.

“The state has been peaceful under Governor Douye Diri. He has been able to manage the security situation very well. He deserves a second term to complete the many impactful projects he has embarked on, said Ekpedekumo.

A club manager who wishes to remain anonymous said, “We want a Bayelsa State to play that role of not only tolerating ourselves but also visitors who come here to contribute to the growth and development of this state. to carry out violence before, during, and after the election.

A private security manager,  Binaebi Aberemangigha, said, “I urged all the security agencies to be alert as we vote on Saturday. They should know that this election is a contest of votes, not guns. It is a contest of ballots, not bullets.

A market woman, Felicia, said all the market women in Bayelsa are supporting Gov. Diri for second place because of his unassailable achievements recorded by the Prosperity administration in the last three and a half years in the state.

“The governor has made us do our business successfully in Bayelsa State. He gives room for all, irrespective of your tribe or religion. Go round the market to see Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba doing their businesses without hindrances, Felicia said.

Another indigene, Mrs. Folake Peters, said the peaceful nature of the incumbent governor has endeared her to a lot of people.

“That’s the only way we can achieve progress. We must allow this peaceful situation to continue. The other candidates we also know.

Today, Douye Diri is the best for us. We will not make the mistake of bringing people known for power violence. We will defend our votes. We hear the opposition is bringing money to buy us; where was their leader in the past three years? We want development, not brigandage.

The past of opposition is hunting them. We know all the candidates, including Douye Diri, are best for us today. See all the new infrastructure, empowerment, skills acquisition, and sports sector that is engaging our young ones”, Mrs. Peters said.

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