Celebration Of Mr. Fortune Oguru The Unsung Oil Lubricant Of The Brick House During The Golden Years Of Amaechi’s Governance Of Rivers State

By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,

Stephen Covey with Mr. Oguru in mind stated and I quote, ”Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out”.

Mr. Fortune Oguru the emeritus Permanent Secretary of Rivers State was the Permanent Secretary of Rivers State Government House during the eight years golden reign of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as the Governor of Rivers State whose inputs to the great feats of Amaechi’s adminstration need not be overemphasized.

Mr. Oguru created a father figure for himself within the Government House ensuring that the administration of Amaechi was ran processionally without any hitch not minding the truancy and evil machinations of some of the Actors operating from the Government House then. Though as a tenant of the Government at the expiration of my operation as the National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) he ensured my comfort and all other tenants of the Government House that included both the Governor, his household and Hon. Adejoro Adeogun.

Fortune Oguru
Mr. Fortune Oguru

This unsung icon is an enigma, a study in resoluteness, workaholic, benevolence, audacity, resourcefulness, a consummate administrator, a humanist, creativity who out of dent of hard work positioned himself then as the embodiment of peace and unity among those of us privileged to be accommodated in the Brick House.

Though a seasoned bureaucrat who gave human face to his style of leadership based on his faith in the person and personality of the Governor and was ready to give out his life to ensure the success of the political fortunes of his Principal. Though he is a witness of the wickedness of most politicians brought up by Amaechi he was never swayed by their acts of betrayal but stood firm to ensure that his Principal is not in any way disgraced.

While some of these dubious politicians will come to collect materials and tools for campaign but in their devious plot will stay back at some of the best hotels in Port Harcourt to ensure that the party fails but this man with Ambassador Oji Ngofa and few others will mobilise themselves to their Constituencies and ensured that we were able to confront Chief Nyesome Wike with his army of destruction and conquest.

It is on record that Mr. Oguru was one of the forces that ensured that all the elections held in Eleme his area of operation didn’t fall into the camp of the enemies no matter the odds. He mobilised, stood firm and matched Wike and his gang force for force, funds for funds and whatever you may think of. An army in the true sense of it.

One thing that distinguishes this great son of Rivers State and Head of Department in the School of Amaechi is that he wears humility and loyalty as a cloth though unsung has proved himself as one of the finest disciples of Rt. Hon. Dr. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.

Writing about this man of loyalty, the Eleme APC through Mr. Godspower Igwe stated and I quote, “We are privileged to have you as our own brother, son, father, mentor, inspiration, tactician, strategist, and Leader in the all-winning Eleme LGA APC Collegiate Leadership Team and Caucus.

You are indeed a Lubricant and an invaluable Facilitator in the collective machination for a Progressive Eleme Community and Rivers State in general,

Your quantum inputs in the Rotimi Amaechi Administration, as a Government, with its concomitant overt unprecedented achievements and manifestation are ready testimonials to the value you have added to Humanity, we can only pray Almighty God to be generous to you for these”


I will like to conclude this short treatise on a true friend, brother and extraordinary Administrator, distinguished Hon. Perm. Sec. Emeritus,

Fortune Oguru by stating that he bears the brunt of our collective resoluteness against forces of darkness in Rivers State immediately after our ouster from the Brick House as the then newly elected Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesome Wike did everything humanly possible to disgrace and humiliate him but as a great son of Eleme who can’t be humiliated so easily he stood his ground to formally handover the reins of government on behalf of Amaechi to Governor Wike after which he was forcefully retired from service.

Happy birthday my brother, friend and leader and may our great God not only bless your new age but grant you more fruitful years for better services to humanity.

Chief Eze is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and can be reached via ezemediaconcept2020@gmail.com 

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