Delta PDP Calls Chief Felix Anirah To Order

……Delta PDP calls Chief Felix Anirah to order; advises him to exhibit discipline or face disciplinary action

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State, has expressed deep displeasure and serious concern over the attitude of the member representing Sapele Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, Chief (Hon.) Felix Anirah, especially his use of provocative language and inciting vituperations in recent times, on party matters.

The Delta PDP wishes to call Chief Anirah to order and inform him that his actions and attacks in relation to the internal affairs of the party, have not only become hostile and confrontational but are now totally unacceptable, as the PDP views them to be in complete disregard of the established structures and laid down appropriate channels for aggrieved and respectable members of the party to follow, in seeking clarification or redress on issues.

The party notes with utter dismay, that Chief Anirah has not followed the party rules but has instead, set out on a most ignoble journey of disparaging party members with whom he has personal grievance(s) on social media and other media channels. This is indecorous and he is urged to either restrain himself forthwith from any further untoward act or inflammatory comments or face disciplinary action.

Chief Felix Anirah

As a party man, a political figure and public officer, Chief Anirah is very much aware that the Constitution of the party is the ultimate document which defines, directs and resolves all party matters and as such, should know better by subscribing and submiting himself to tenets of our constitution and comporting himself with greater decency and decorum in his public activities.

The party hereby states categorically that, in line with our constitution, Chief Anirah and indeed any other recognized members of the party, has the right to aspire, desire and contest for any position or office in the party executive at any level, but the Constitution also clearly stipulates the processes through which the election of officers in the party shall be conducted.

The Constitution also states unequivocally that disciplinary measures will be applied when party members, by their actions or otherwise, infringe on the rights, intimidate or disparage other interested aspirants or contestants from aspiring to the same positions and the party will not hesitate to invoke disciplinary action on any member who violates the Constitution either by verbal subterfuge, unnecessary intimidation or irresponsible provocation.

Chief Anirah is further advised to understand that the PDP is a party of men and women who take great pride in exhibiting party discipline as a virtue and the least attitude that is expected from him, as a leader in the party and representative of his people, is to uphold party discipline and respect the supremacy of our party constitution, especially in matters that involve internal party affairs, otherwise the party will be compelled to refer his actions and comments to the disciplinary committee for appropriate interpretation as his diatribes amounts to gross assault to the sensibilities all well-meaning party leaders across the State.

We advise the member representing Sapele Constituency and indeed all other members of the party fanning embers of discord and discontent over internal party matters, to be properly guided by the Constitution and conduct themselves with greater restraint, especially on the social media space in the collective interest and well being of the party in the State.