DG NEMA Recognized Employees Who Lost Their Lives, Sustained Harm, Or Underwent Trauma

The Director General National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Mustapha Habib Ahmed has honoured staff of the Agency that lost their lives and suffered injury or trauma on duty in appreciation of their service to humanity.

According to a press release on Wednesday, 24th August 2022 signed by the NEMA Head of Press Unit, Manzo Ezekiel, he said the special recognition was in appreciation of the sacrifices made by NEMA Staff in the course of rescue and supports for other persons, that must not be ignored.

The NEMA chief executive admonished staff not to be dismayed but to continue being committed and dedicated as their service to humanity cannot be in vain. He advocated for reasonable emoluments that should include hazard allowance for the staff given the risk they faced in the discharge of their duties.

“In the spirit of the recent World Humanitarian Day, we are remembering and celebrating NEMA humanitarian actors that have lost their lives and those that have suffered injury and trauma in the line of duty. It is on record that some NEMA staff have lost their lives, have been kidnapped while many others have suffered tragic experiences while on active duty”.

“Today’s event is, therefore, a period during which we take a pause, remember and celebrate these heroes and in retrospect think of means and ways of recognizing their service to the nation and humanity at large”.

Director of Human Resource Management Alhaji Musa Zakari, in his welcome remark, appreciated the NEMA Chief executive for the recognition and honour done to the staff. Though a total of ten staff were honoured, he explained the number was symbolic, noting that the significance of the gesture was most important.

The Director General presented plaques of recognition to the staff. Among them were two staff that lost their lives on duty. The plaques were received on their behalf by . They were John Iliya who was shot dead in 2018 by terrorists in Borno State and Abiwale Akinwunmi Emmanuel that was knocked down by a trailer while on the operation of Eagle Eye duties. That of late John Iliya was taken by his brother Danjuma Iliya and that of Late Abiwale by his relation, Mr Andero, Others were Bilyaminu Yahaya, Labaran Ahman, Ogbu Joseph and Ikisikpo Minafel that suffered injuries. Also honoured were Julius Alumonoh, Egwu Damian Ude, Ugwu Ebere Wendy and Ojukwu Olisaemeka who were kidnapped and spent weeks in hostage. 

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