Governor Inuwa Yahaya: An Astute Leader That Promotes Unity

By Malam Fa’izu Muhammad

We live in a world today where each and every human being wants things to be done their own way. If you are belongs to this group not putting certain parameters into consideration like; the general interest of the society and the common goal of the people that coexist in a multi-cultural, ethnic and religious society like ours today, then such person is deficient in character. To be just is to be fair; the worst enemy of justice is the opposite.

Ultimately, there are some persons that always want things to be done in their own way. And if you listen to them attentively they all echo in one direction, a saying; “ Gov. Inuwa Yahaya is stubborn, he is frugal and arrogant, he doesn’t consult people and he does things in his own way” that is their voices. If I may ask rhetorically; when will we stop this our quick to blame and quick to praise attitude?

When will we stop being selfish? When will we learn to exercise patient and wait for the end result of government action? When will we learn to sacrifice and endure the initial pain of a good course?

Rome was never built in a day; it requires time and a lot of resources to make Rome the dream land it ought to be.

A time comes in the life of any nation when good men take the centre stage to reorder the course of events. A time comes in life of any nation when men must stand up to say enough is enough. At a time like this, what we are suppose to do is to pray for a leader whom God has chosen for us at this critical moment of dire political need.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya is an astute leader that promotes unity.

He is a leader with an independent mind. To those who cares to listen, Governor Inuwa Yahaya has done the unthinkable in Gombe State. He has levelled the deepest ditch in the State.

This man is going to end abject poverty in the state and build more infrastructure. He has broke his back for Gombe State to come alive again. The erudite and vibrant Governor has marshalled all the necessary stratagem to halt the self aggrandisement, ghost working, political gluttony and power mongering in the state.

For the first time ever in Gombe State, we have come to face reality. The reality that a true governance is here to stay – A governance that promotes equity and Fairness; A governance where the youth have their own fair share of appointments and representatives from their various geo political and ethical suzerainty. The only government that has demonstratively demur political superiority and inferiority complex and God fatherism.

This is the first time in the state where every ethnicity has equal representation and no single ethnic group in the state is enjoying the monopoly of government and gratuitous masturbation.

This is the first time in the state where no single ethnic group either majority or minority is considered or treated as superior nor inferior to the other as the game of political sentiment and favoritism has been passionately immolated.

Unity, justice and fairness are indeed core values which Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya hold with great reverence. And it’s by these values true leaders lead their people to greatness.

In Dan Maje, we are lucky in to have one of such great and true leaders in our midst.


Malam Fa’izu Muhammad writes for GISTAG

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