Police Tactical Team Rescues Kidnap Victims; Arrests 72 Suspects

….. Seize illicit military equipment.

With increased tactical deployments and collaboration, the Nigeria Police have made significant strides towards bringing peace to unstable areas. In February alone, many kidnap victims were successfully freed around the country, providing hope and relief to the impacted communities.

The NPF Tactical Squads consisting of the Special Tactical Squad (STS) and Intelligence Response Squad (IRT) have made tremendous progress in the past two weeks alone. As a result, seventy-two criminal suspects, including thirty-four persons implicated in kidnapping, have been arrested. In the previous two weeks, numerous other recoveries were made in addition to twenty-two rescues.

Operatives from the FID-IRT apprehended Edosa Obasuyi, Abumere Endurance, Monday Otubu, and Esther Abumere in the Ekpoma area of Edo State because of an ongoing investigation into the daily killings and unrest caused by rival secret cults in the state.

The suspects admitted to participating in cult activities and killings in the area in question, as well as confessing to be members of the Eiye fraternity. Following a search of their homes, two pump-action guns, many voter cards from various people, nineteen live cartridges, four used cartridges, one gun with a wooden carving, illegal drugs, charms, and their cell phones were found.

During interrogation, they confirmed that the rivalry between the Nephites and the Eiyes led to the murders in the state, which were committed by the Eiye fraternity. A lot of work is being done to apprehend more of the group’s fugitives and put the area under control.

Similarly, on January 27, 2024, Operatives of the IRT apprehended one Bello Umar, a 28-year-old Fulani man from Tsafe LGA, Zamfara State, suspected of being a kidnapper along with approximately ten other gang members.

He confessed their involvement in numerous kidnappings along the Abuja-Kaduna State expressway, with his base located in the Rigina Forest in Kaduna State. Bello Umar admitted to receiving ransom amounts ranging from ₦100 million to ₦40 million.

Upon his arrest, ₦2.2 million, his share from a recent ransom collection was recovered.

After learning that residents of Kwarra Village in Niger State’s Shiriro LGA were being threatened by an unknown caller, a thorough investigation found that the caller had demanded 4 million Naira in exchange for not being allowed to attack the village.

Policemen moved immediately to apprehend one Lawal Mohammed, who was 22 years old. Before being arrested, the suspect had already fled from police custody, according to the results of the investigation that followed his arrest.

He further confessed that he had given out the number of his uncle who happened to be the village head to the kidnappers to obtain money from the proceeds.

Also, operatives of the FID-STS intercepted the movement of military accoutrements from Kaduna to Zamfara state precisely Shinkafi LGA. In the process, a spot search was conducted, and the following items were recovered; 10 sets of military camouflage uniforms, 10 pieces of camel pack, 12 military hats, 3 cardigans, 3 t-shirts, 2 belts, and 3 anklets.

Two suspects – Mushiri Abubakar aged 28, and Ahmed Mohammed aged 40 were arrested. Mushiri Abubakar confessed that he is a childhood friend of an Airforce personnel attached to the Airforce base in Kaduna state who served for only five years before being court marshalled and introduced the idea of selling military accoutrements to Mushiri Abubakar. Further investigation revealed that the same Mushiri Abubakar had supplied military materials to the Notorious Bello Turji.

In the meantime, the Nigeria Police continues to be unwavering in its commitment to guaranteeing the safety and security of every Nigerian, according to Inspector General of Police Kayode Egbetokun.

He stated that although public safety and security continue to be a top priority, the recent accomplishments demonstrate the Force’s commitment to fighting crime and bringing peace to unstable areas.

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