Report Of Falana’s “Four Reasons Tinubu Cannot Escape Disqualification” Is Fake News

There is a report making the rounds on TikToks by one DavidEferode777 claiming that foremost senior lawyer and human rights advocate, Femi Falana said, “Four Reasons Why Tinubu Can Not Escape Disqualification – Femi Falana. 1. He acquired a Guinean Citizenship. 2. He forfeited $460,000 due to drug-related offences. 3. He did not disclose the aforementioned facts to inec. 4. He submitted forged Chicago University Certificate to Inec”.

Reacting to the report, Falana said, “Do these fools need me to attack President Bola Tinubu?

There is no doubt that the TikTok report is a product of fake news in its entirety.

The provisions of Section 24 of the Cybercrime Act of 2015 specifically criminalize the act of sharing fake news of this nature and any person that is found guilty of this act is liable for at least 3 years imprisonment term.