Senator Kingibe: Senate Will Summon Wike And Others Due To The Insecurity In Abuja

The Senate, according to Senator Ireti Kingibe, will call a meeting with security agencies and Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike to discuss the rise in criminal activity in the nation’s capital.

The FCT lawmaker stated that the Senate will invite them to discuss his proposals to safeguard the territory when sessions resume later this month.

“When the Senate resumes, I plan that the (Senate) FCT committees specifically me, needs to sit with the two ministers and the security agencies for them to give us their plans concerning security,” Senator Kingibe said on Channels Television’s current affairs show ‘Sunday Politics’.

“It is not that I am hoping. I know he will be summoned. But whether he responds or not is a different matter entirely. But as the chief security officer of the FCT, he should have a plan.

“He should be able to tell us, the committee, and specifically me, that this is the plan for protecting the people of the FCT. Between him, the police commissioner, and the head of the DSS, they must have a plan.”

“And I must commend the security agencies for doing something when we started to scream. But the truth is a little bit earlier, I tried to draw their attention and I was told that it was exaggerated I said it couldn’t be because what I was telling them, I did not get from social media. I got it from my constituents. But I’m glad that everybody, we now all seem to be on the same page,” she said.

“They’re trying to take it all seriously, but a lot more needs to be done. Catching the kidnappers is just the symptom. We need to get to the root cause of what is causing all of this insecurity.”