Tony Okocha, A Misfit For Public Audience: A Reply To His Trending Potpourri Of Cocktails And Cosmetic Jambalayas

…….Group Apologizes to Chief Eze

The Nigerian Alternative Rights Movement, United Kingdom (UK) said its attention has been drawn to a piece sailing all over the media and credited to one Hon. Tony Okocha, where the former Chief of Staff to Rt. Hon. Dr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi threw decorum, decency and respect for elders which are the chief attributes of a true-born and well-bred Ikwerre man, to the wind, to throw feeble verbal jabs at a well respected personality and Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze in a failed attempt to absolve himself of foretelling Aguma’s victory in a matter pending before Justice Omereji, a Port Harcourt High Court Judge.

In a press release signed by the Directir General of Nigerian Alternative Rights Movement, United Kingdom (UK), Engr. Charles Welechi, he said that having critically perused and carefully scrutinized the piece, the Nigerian Alternative Rights Movement (Narm) deemed it necessary and important to respond to the unruly vomits of Tony Okocha in his unhidden and unbridled but vain desperation to smear and rub Chief Eze’s image in the mud.

The statement read, “It is settled that the coming into limelight of Tony Okocha was an offshoot of the unblemished love and support he curried from Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, then Rivers Governor and Nigeria’s serving Minister of Transportation, who first made him Secretary General of IYM, Care-Taker-Committee Chairman, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area and later his Chief of Staff to replace Nyesom Wike who was recommended for a higher office.

“In the said piece, Okocha likened his prediction to a mere rhetoric, no doubt. But there is always more to rhetorics emanating from an avowed member of a congregation of saboteurs. A rhethoric to a man of Tony Okocha’s leaning is a coded language which uncovers a clandestine scheme when decoded. Chief Eze was right in his position on Okocha’s tangled maze of evasive verbiage.

“Thereupon, we consider it expedient to counsel the reading public to ignore the rampaging loafer who is hiding under the roof of the APC to propagate the interest of his rediscovered bride, the PDP, where he has been contracted alongside others, to device schemes to keep the party in perpetual hostility for their inordinate ambitions.

“Okocha had equally tackled Chief Eze for choosing to recognize the National Chairmanship of Hon. Victor Giadom but distanced himself from Igo Aguma, whereas the duo emerged through the courts. Okocha’s opinion is not surprising, his sense may have gone tabularasa. We are glad however, to announce that a partner in the diaspora has offered to foot the bill for his rudimentary training on cognitive reasoning if he so desires.

“To those who care to know, Aguma was ordained chairman CTC of the Rivers APC but administered the party recklessly however, to the fancy of the opposition for whom he worked for. Majority of the statutory members of the party who formed part of the CTC sat, reviewed his activities and suspended him, haven satisfied that his actions are inimical to progress and accordingly, a new CTC led by Dr. Sokonte Davies was set up to steer the Rivers APC. One therefore wonders the difficulty posed by Tony and his circle of jakals to understand this simple analysis.

“The relevance of Okocha’s acclaimed bravery and importance should be measured wth his roles in the rerun elections that took place in his constituency after the 2015 elections. Here, his treachery and Sabotage skyrocketed to the climax.

“A predator, Okocha sold the chances of the APC, coveted all resources deployed for the elections while offering to buy off properties of party candidates with monies meant for the rerun exercise to help them drive fund for their elections. Abe, Aguma, Okocha and others share similar treacherous attributes, no wonder “birds of same feather flock”.

“One would have loved to see Tony Okocha in a very sober and remorseful mood, reflecting on his misdeeds and begging the public for leniency. He is indeed an unfortunate development, lacking in every moral sense to secure public attention.

“On this premise, the Nigerian Alternative Rights Movement (Narm) wish to formally apologise to the former National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, and all well meaning members of the APC for Okocha’s showy and embarrassing attitudinal delinquencies.

“Similarly, we appeal to leaders of the APC across the country who share a sense of embarrassment and sorrow over Tony Okocha’s untamed media balderdash against Chief Eze to be relieved with the available offer to school him on the rudiments of civility to help tame his itchy tongue, the statement concluded.

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