We Have Taken Significant Steps To Ensure That Recruitment Is Carried Out With Seriousness And Meticulousness It Deserves – Arase

The Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Dr. Solomon E. Arase has said that the commission have taken significant steps to ensure that recruitment is carried out with the seriousness and meticulousness it deserves.

Arase spoke at the plenary meeting of the Police Recruitment Board on Tuesday, 4th June 2024, held at the Chairman’s conference room, Police Service Commission Corporate Headquarters Complex, Jabi, Abuja.

Except is the full text of the statement:


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Esteemed Members of the Board,

It is an honour and a privilege to sit with you today as we deliberate and take decisions of paramount importance to not just the institution of the Nigeria Police but to our nation at large – recruitment into the Force. The Nigeria Police Force, indeed, stands as a microcosm of our diverse and vibrant nation. It is perhaps the only institution that has had, at one time or another, one person from every village, town, and local government area of Nigeria within its ranks. This distinctive representation underscores the fundamental role that the Nigeria Police Force plays in unifying our diverse cultures and communities.

2. Recruitment into the Nigeria Police Force is not just a routine exercise; it is the bedrock upon which the safety, security, and integrity of our nation rest. It is a recurrent event that must be handled each time with utmost seriousness and meticulousness. The current image of the Force, which we assiduously try to salvage, did not deteriorate overnight. It was not solely the result of mismanagement or poor welfare. Rather, it was significantly mutilated by the quality of personnel recruited into the Force over the years.

3. Public and policy analysts have so often pointed out that political and external influences in the police recruitment process have contributed excessively to the myriad of challenges the Force face today. While the Nigeria Police Force has produced some of the brilliant officers we proudly speak of, these outstanding individuals are simply not enough, and we must change that! This dearth can be traced back to the recruitment process. Furthermore, the contentious recruitment cycles marred by legal disputes between the Police and the Commission has also contributed to this lack of outstanding officers.

4. Recognizing the gravity of this issue and following the landmark judgment of July 2023 wherein the primacy of the Commission in police recruitment was asserted by the Supreme Court, we have taken significant steps to ensure that recruitment is carried out with the seriousness and meticulousness it deserves. It is with great pride that I look back on the establishment of the Police Recruitment Board – a veritable platform for all stakeholders in the police recruitment process to collaborate effectively. I must insist, however, that the court judgment does not in any way trivialize the roles played by the Force in the selection of its personnel, rather the establishment of the Board charts a clear pathway for each stakeholder to collaborate in the process, leaning on each other’s strength, while avoiding jurisdictional clashes.

5. The Board, which includes representatives from the Police Service Commission, the Nigeria Police Force, the Ministry of Police Affairs, the Federal Character Commission, and the Police Trust Fund, was inaugurated on Monday, 4th September 2023. This collaborative effort of the Board has produced one of the most seamless and thorough recruitment exercises in recent times. The current recruitment of 10,000 Constables for the Nigeria Police Force is the third and final phase of the police recruitment drive sanctioned by then President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, which was aimed at enlisting a total of 30,000 constables in 2022.

6. The Board meticulously established recruitment modalities and publicized the process through various print and online media platforms. The recruitment portal was opened on Friday, October 13th 2023, for a period of 6 weeks, to allow eligible and interested candidates to apply to the Force to serve their communities. The portal received a total of 609,886 applications, out of which 416,323 were shortlisted for the physical screening exercise which took place between 8th and 29th January 2024. 171,956 candidates were shortlisted for the Computer-Based Aptitude Tests (CBT) which took place on 5th and 6th March 2023 while 15, 447 candidates partook in the Medical Screening which took place 15th and 30th April 2024. A total of 43,778 specialists underwent various trade tests and medical screening within this same time frame. Today, we stand on the brink of welcoming a new generation of officers into the Nigeria Police Force. I am filled with optimism because these young men and women represent the future of our nation’s security and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that their journey begins on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and excellence. It is my prayer that we continue to work together to build a Force that is truly reflective of the best that Nigeria has to offer.

7. The recruitment process was meticulously designed by the Board to ensure transparency and fairness, comprising several well-defined stages. The first stage began with an online application. Applicants initiated the process through a dedicated online portal, where an automated system conducted initial screenings for age and educational qualifications. Only those candidates who met these criteria were able to complete the application, generating a downloadable form upon completion. This method ensured that the initial pool of candidates already adhered to the basic requirements set forth by the recruitment guidelines.

7. Following the online application, the next stage involved physical and document screening. During this phase, applicants underwent physical assessments and verification of their birth and educational records. Despite some initial delays due to technical issues and jurisdictional disputes, this stage was eventually completed with thorough attention to detail. Applicants were kept informed through the recruitment portal and provided with invitation slips to attend this screening. Successful candidates from the physical and document screening advanced to the Computer-Based Tests (CBTs). These tests were administered by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), an organization renowned for its expertise in conducting examinations. Although there were some technical challenges related to connectivity with JAMB servers, these issues were minor and were promptly resolved, ensuring a smooth testing process.

8. The final stage of the recruitment process was the Medical Screening. This phase took place at the Police Zonal Command Headquarters and was managed by the NPF Medical Services Department. In addition to general medical examinations for General Duty officers, Trade Tests and Medical Screening for Specialist Applicants were also conducted concurrently by the respective Technical Formations of the Force. Comprehensive medical assessments ensure that only the most physically and mentally fit candidates are selected to join the Force.

9. Each of these stages was carried out with a high level of scrutiny and care, emphasizing the commitment of the Nigeria Police Force to recruiting individuals who are not only qualified but also capable of upholding the standards and integrity of the institution. The entire process reflects a deliberate effort to build a Police Force that is competent, reliable, and truly representative of the best that Nigeria has to offer.

10. The final selection process was meticulously structured to ensure fairness and inclusivity, with 10 candidates selected from each of the 774 Local Government Areas, as advised by the National Assembly in its plenary decision of Thursday, February 29, 2024, aimed at creating a representative and diverse Police Force. To uphold the highest standards of confidentiality, the list of successful candidates must be presented to the public in a manner compliant with the Nigeria Data Protection Act of 2023. This will ensure that the personal data of the recruits, who are entering a sensitive security organization, remain secure, thereby protecting their personal and family safety. It is important to acknowledge that the low enrollment numbers observed in the South-East may be linked to fears of attacks on recruits or their families for joining the Force. This is a significant concern that needs to be addressed to encourage greater participation from this region.

11. The Commission extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Nigeria Police Force, the Ministry of Police Affairs, the Police Trust Fund, the Federal Character Commission, and the Senate and House Committees on Police Affairs. Their collaborative efforts were instrumental in the success of this recruitment exercise. Special thanks go to the Nigeria Police Force for its unrestricted use of the recruitment portal and other data infrastructure, which facilitated a seamless process. This recruitment exercise marks a significant step towards building a competent, reliable, and representative Police Force. The meticulous planning and execution reflect our unwavering commitment to upholding the standards and integrity of the Nigeria Police Force. As we welcome this new generation of officers, we are confident that they will uphold the values of service, integrity, and dedication, contributing to a safer and more secure Nigeria. Successful candidates in the screening are enjoined to check the status of their application through the Police Service Commission’s dedicated webpage which can be accessed on your computers or mobile devices on www.policeservicecommission.cloud. Dedicated Helpdesks have also been provided to resolve candidates complaints, if any.

Thank you.

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