Kano And The Pre-Eminence Of PMB Promoting The Peerlessness Of Gawuna

By Bala Ibrahim The President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, has added his voice to the appeal made by the people of conscience, who have been at the forefront of raising concerns, with regard to the need of getting a befitting governor for Kano state, in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections, scheduled for Saturday,18/03/2023. In a special message to the good

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Gubernatorial Elections: The Price And Perturbation Of The Postponement

By Bala Ibrahim In my nearly six and a half decades of existence as a Human being and a Nigerian, I have come across a lot of astonishing and embarrassing experiences, caused on to leaders, which gave me surprises and sometimes dismay, but nothing as flabbergasting as the last night’s news of the postponement of Nigeria’s Governorship and Parliamentary elections,

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