112 Incidents Of Crude Oil Theft Recorded In One Week In Niger Delta Says NNPC Ltd

According to the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, in only one week, 112 incidents of crude oil theft were reported throughout the Niger Delta.

In a documentary that was uploaded on its X account on Tuesday, NNPC stated that the events took place from December 23, 2023, to December 29, 2023.

The national oil firm named Tantita Security Services, Maton Engineering Nigeria Limited, Shell Petroleum Development firm, and Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Limited (PINL) as the incident sources.

The government security agencies and the NNPC command and control centre are additional sources that should be highlighted.

“In the past week, 42 illegal refineries were discovered in Konsho and Tebidaba in Bayelsa state; Obokofia in Imo state; Ogidigben, Mereje and Obodo Omadina, in Delta state,” NNPC said.

“Illegal refineries in Umuire, Abia state, and Upata in Rivers state, were also discovered and destroyed.”

According to NNPC, 14 illegal connections were uncovered in several parts of the Niger Delta.

“In Owaza, Abia state, a tunnel covering an illegal connection was also uncovered while 10 cases of vandalism were discovered,” NNPC said.

“Illegal storage sites were discovered in Ebocha and Ton Kiri in Rivers state where oil pits were found.

“In Ogbia, Bayelsa state, sacks of crude oil were discovered. More illegal storage sites were uncovered in Urhonigbe, in Edo state; Ekuku-Agbor and Bomadi in Delta state.”

NNPC said 22 wooden boats conveying stolen crude were discovered in Okrika and Tombia in Rivers state as well as Emereje, Delta state.

Meanwhile, the oil firm said during an operation, 11 vehicle arrests were made in Delta state.

“Eight of these incidents took place in the deep water, 46 in the eastern region, 32 in the central region, while 26 took place in the western region,” NNPC said.

“Between the 23rd and 26th of December 2023, 18 suspects were arrested.”

NNPC said it would not back down in the war against crude oil theft.