2023: Dapo Abiodun And Ogun State APC Delegates ‘Double Dilemma’ Over Tinubu, Osinbajo

By Baaroyin


Is Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, not in dilemma right now?

That’s the Governor who was just christened with another name “Eleyi Dapo” a day ago! Lobafinish o!
And we – the Ogun indigenes too – may be in the same “wahala” o! Just to an extent, somehow.

Hey guys, but did you remember that recently Governor Abiodun promised Vice President Yemi Osinbajo the votes of Ogun State delegates to the coming All Progressives Congress (APC) convention where the party’s Presidential flagbearer will emerge? Or…? Isn’t it?

But, before I proceed further, read these COGENT campaign messages of APC Presidential aspirant, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu while addressing party delegates, who witnessed “Eleyi Dapo” drama, in Abeokuta. Tinubu, where he gave the Governor the new “Eleyi” appellation (‘according to media account’) said:

“I have served for over 25 years and helped many achieve their political ambitions.

‘ *Your governor, Dapo Abiodun, could not have become governor without God’s and _my support_ .*

“Go and  check the video, they did not want to hand over the party’s flag to him as the APC flagbearer for the 2019 gubernatorial election in Ogun. I was the one that insisted that it should be given to him.

Tinubu also said: “ *All I am saying is that it is the turn of the Yoruba speaking people to become president and within the Yoruba people, it is my turn.”*

“I have adopted and protected many political children (including Osinbajo)…I have served enough. *I do not want to become history. It is my turn to become president. It is a matter of right for me.*

Hmmmm,*Tinubu urged the delegates to shun endemic or indigenous  sentiments* while voting at the presidential primaries? Isn’t it? Okay now…let’s proceed further:

*He disclosed to them that he sacrificed the position of vice-president offered to him by Buhari in 2015, for Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo whom he nominated.*

Quite frankly, two issues stand out from the above: Tinubu said he gave the Vice President’s slot, offered to him, to Professor Yemi Osinbajo; and he made Prince Dapo Abiodun (Mr. Eleyi) as Governor (of Ogun State)!

Unequivocally, if I get Tinubu right, he’s indirectly, and directly, saying that the TWO guys (Yemi & Dapo) he helped to power are the same people (awon alaimore eniyan) NOW opposing him from becoming the number one citizen of Nigeria after President Muhammadu Buhari – the man who pitched Nigerians against themselves, “ethnically” in the last seven (7) years of his divisive (which critics dubbed) “Fulani administration”! Good job egbon aloku soja from Daura!

Anyway, a be r’aye lode bayi! Gbegede fe gbina lori ipo aare Naijiria!

Unfortunately, it’s obvious right now that Osinbajo is not ready to step down (probably tomorrow, anyway) for Tinubu (his helper) at the “risky” time Abiodun has pledged Ogun State delegates unalloyed support to Osinbajo against his “main” destiny helper (Tinubu) too! O ga o!

Abiodun, by his political game, is trying to serve TWO masters at the same time! Is that possible?

However, Tinubu played against “tiwa-n-tiwa” political game on Ogun State delegates when he told them to *shun endemic or indigenous  sentiments* while voting at the impending presidential primaries.

Quite frankly, he systematically told Ogun State APC delegates not to consider ” *indigenous sentiments* ” (i.e. not to vote for Osinbajo because he’s from Ikenne in Ogun State) in their “electoral” decision at the primary race.

Hmmmm, wahala wa lati de ijoba o! Power is sweet!

However, let’s look at it now: should Abiodun (through Ogun delegates) vote for Osinbajo and probably Tinubu wins, what will be the fate of Ogun State in the new administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

Conversely, should Ogun delegates vote for Tinubu and peradventure Osinbajo wins, what treatment will Ogun State enjoy under President Yemi Osinbajo’s administration? Please, don’t remind me that Osinbajo is a Pastor of Redeemed CC of God. We’re talking of politics here not quoting verses in the Bible.

But, does Governor has enough delegates to his side? Remember, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola (Yayi) is Tinubu’s boy in Lagos, and has just moved to Ogun State as elected Senatorial aspirant. If Salisu Shuhaib, aspirant to the Senate influences delegates’ votes in favor of the Governor’s choice, where is another Senate hopeful, ex-Governor Gbenga Daniel standing between his (ex) “bosom” friend (Asiwaju) and fellow Ogun East ‘broda’ Osinbajo, whose younger brother served OGD’s administration as Justice Commissioner and AG?

Limpidly, trouble dey for ground on this Presidential race (for Ogun State people): D.A.P.O A.B.I.O.D.U.N!

Secondly – going by what Tinubu reiterated (not the first time to hear the story) – so the “people” outside Ogun State have been chosing governors for us, particularly probably the last THREE administrations?

Therefore, by implications, all we (Egba, Remo, Yewa, Ijebu voters) have been doing (during previous elections proper) was just to rubber stamp (mere voting) the decision of “our decider(s)-in-chief” outside the state”?

Like someone said, the other day, Ogun State, to an extent politically, is an extension of Lagos State. At least, all our civilian governors were “returnees”, probably with the exception of one, from Lagos to occupy the exalted office in Okemosan!

Na wa o!

Finally, who will the Ogun State APC delegates vote for: Osinbajo or Tinubu? Could Ogun State delegates’ votes decide who of the two (Osinbajo and Tinubu by their vantage political positions: VP and party Leader respectively) will be PMB’s successor?

Or probably it’s gonna be another aspirant who the Ogun State delegates wouldn’t vote for? Again, what will be the fruits (of Ogun State) to reap under such person’s Presidency?

But, additionally, don’t let us forget that anyone Dapo failed to support may, out of anger, revenge by pursuing (exposing more) the Governor’s ALLEGED criminal (fraud) case in US, because his second term may be jeopardized in this unfolding game! Yes, politicians! You can’t trust them. They don’t have mercy when it comes to grabbing power – they look at different political permutations and ramifications which will ONLY benefit them.

However, I didn’t forget other contestants from Ogun State: Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Ex-Speaker Dimeji Bankole and Pastor Tunde Bakare (the trio from Abeokuta – Ogun Central Senatorial District). Up “presido” aspirants with N100m as expression of interest forms! But, anything can happen by chance…hmmmm!

Anyway, we’re waiting to see how the pendulum will swing!

Hmmmm, Omo Ogun ise ya o!

Written by Baaroyin (Worldwide)!

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