2023: Delta PDP Blasts Omo-Agege

The Delta State PDP has lambasted the Delta All Progressives Congress, APC governorship candidate and Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege, saying that instead of concentrating on his hopelessly ephemeral gubernatorial ambition, perplexingly veered off script, having apparently lost track of his core subject matter and proceeded to quite incoherently, boast that his one-man show of a pretence to a political party, would ensure that Delta State Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, will never become Vice-President of Nigeria.

The PDP made the remark in a Press Release reacting to Omo-Agege, which says that Delta APC must work to truncate Governor Okowa’s ambition.

The statement signed by the PDP State Publicity Secretary, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza said, “Indeed, while speaking as if he has now become the Almighty God, the one and only true Author and Finisher of our fate, Omo-Agege declared that Governor Okowa “can’t go anywhere.” He was clearly only talking about himself, unwittingly revealing his own political destiny, and inadvertently unveiling the one and only political future in store for him! It was indeed a case of those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

“To imagine that the now internationally infamous one on let off by the technical discussion of the court as ‘Mace Runner’ and supposed ‘Obarisi’, who embarrassed the noble, ancient and illustrious Urhobo nation, by kneeling like a typical hustler and political hack at the Presidential Villa, would have the temerity to accuse Governor Okowa of betrayal, simply for accepting a Vice-Presidential nomination he neither asked nor lobbied for, but was handed to him by the PDP Presidential candidate, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, in recognition of his sterling performance and giant strides recorded throughout the length of his mercurial political career thus far in service to the good people of Delta State and the Nigerian nation.

“Everyone knows that Governor Okowa was boldly at the vanguard of the call for a Southern Presidency and provided leadership and coordination in that regard when many people were reluctant to do so. Nevertheless, the Delta State Governor has always been a committed and loyal Party man, who has never once jumped ship, unlike Omo-Agege who has unabashedly and enthusiastically trafficked himself from PDP to ACN to Labour and then to APC!

Surely in a situation where the delegates of the party freely and democratically decided to pick Vice-President Atiku Abubakar as the party’s flagbearer in a transparent and internationally monitored primary, what was any truly astute and right-thinking politician who means well for the people and must continue to strive to protect their interest in any set of circumstances, supposed to do?

“If confronted with a fait accompli and nevertheless, God miraculously opens the next best door by which you can still continue to look out for the best interest of the people, are you supposed to reject it? It is something called Grace, which apparently Omo-Agege and his APC underlings can never truly comprehend.

“In any case, who is Omo-Agege to have the nerve to lecture anyone about betrayal? Is this not the same Omo-Agege, who in league with his handpicked houseboy of a State APC Chairman, Elder Omeni Sobotie (to borrow the words of the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Barr. Festus Keyamo, SAN), instructed Delta APC delegates to vote for Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, a Northerner, instead of for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, a Southerner, at the APC Presidential primary?

“Does Omo-Agege think that people are not aware of what he perpetrated during the Presidential primary when Delta APC, the party supposedly coming to fight imaginary corruption in Delta State, was nevertheless allegedly collecting dollars from various Presidential aspirants, promising to vote for them, only to end up voting for Ahmad Lawan in the Eagle Square, Abuja?

“Do these APC jokers think we are fools in Delta State? Did Omo-Agege vote for Bola Tinubu or for Ahmad Lawan? Does he think Tinubu, himself, does not know that he betrayed him, stabbed him in the back only to come congratulating him with a smile, after he had won, like Judas pretending to be a friend and betraying Jesus with a kiss? What moral justification has such a man of extremely questionable loyalty and shapeshifting fidelity, to cast aspersions on Governor Okowa, a man of proven and unrivaled consistency throughout the entirety of his epoch-making political career?

“Like some delusional potentate who already sees himself in Government House, the one rescued by the court as ‘Mace Runner’ imperiously commanded the minions at the inauguration that: “as you vote for Omo-Agege to be your governor, don’t forget that we need our men in all positions.” What a way to refer to oneself? You currently have only one House of Assembly seat, you similarly have just one Federal House of Representatives seat, one of your Senators is now an ex-convict and you are daydreaming of clearing the whole of Delta State? Seriously, Omo-Agege might have made a successful career in standup comedy, after all!

“Delving further into a cesspool of delusions, he said: “Here in Delta, 2023 is our turn, the decision has been taken and that is what I have come here today to tell you all.” Who took this most momentous decision and was it in a coven or where exactly? Or is it that Omo-Agege and those he kneels to in Abuja like a little schoolboy desperately begging for sweets, have already taken the very decision that Deltans and only Deltans are lawfully, constitutionally, and electorally entitled to take come 2023?

“Omo-Agege can continue to delude himself that he is running against Governor Okowa who is not on the ballot for governorship, is already completing his incomparable tenure as Governor, became a Senator before him, is the incoming Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and will forever stand heads and shoulders above him.

“Truth is, Omo-Agege is not even running against the PDP gubernatorial flagbearer and the incoming Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Francis Oborevwori. He may continue to deceive himself and the clueless political lightweights he has misguided into his village meeting of a political party but the person he is really running against is the man who singlehandedly, twice made him a Senator, Chief Great Ogboru of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

“We are not in the least bothered but are quite happy to buy tickets for the cinema show featuring their impending ‘poto-poto’ fight as Omo-Agege vainly tries to split Ogboru’s votes in the collective opposition cache, while we simply remain in Government House and continue to build upon the astonishing feats and good work of the Okowa administration for the good people of Delta State, when the new Sheriff in town and incoming Governor Oborevwori takes over in 2023.

“Of course, Senator Omo-Agege should be told that Delta State has since moved ahead away from him and is effectively in the hands of God and will only accept one who believes in and worships God, not an idol, and can only be ruled by one who knows and serves Jehovah, not one that worships an image made by hand.

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