2023: Ex-VP Sambo Speaks About Saraki’s Leadership Qualities

Former Vice-President, Namadi Sambo, has stated that former President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has the capacity and experience that is needed to lead Nigeria. 

Speaking about Saraki on Sunday, during the PDP’s aspirant’s visit to meet with Kaduna State leaders and delegates ahead of the PDP primaries, the former Vice-President, emphasized that he and Saraki served as Governors at the same time — since then, he has always known that Saraki cared about Kaduna State and the North West of the country.

“I remember, when I was Governor, he gave special attention to Kaduna State. As the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, sometimes, I felt like his ‘self-appointed Deputy’ — even though the Forum has no deputy. This is because we had a close working relationship and a great personal relationship.

“I want you all to know that Saraki is a team player. He is a man who plays with and for the team. I have always known him to be a very honest person who has capacity. As the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, he formed the Peer Review Mechanism that allowed consultants to go state-by-state to report the development plans and progress of each state to the Governors Forum. This helped all the Governors to meet the plans and objectives of the PDP government at the time.

“Saraki is an organizer. As the Governor of Kwara State, he set up the foundation for commercial agriculture. Today, in Agriculture, the arrangement that he set up in Shonga Farms has become a model that each state in Nigeria is emulating. 

“As the Senate President, we all know the success that he brought to this nation. This is why, I trust that if our party and our delegates give Saraki the opportunity, he will further prove what I am saying. 

“He is a young man, strong and healthy. Being President is not an easy job. That office needs people like Bukola Saraki. We will pray that Almighty God, who gives power to whoever he wishes will guide you and support your aspiration,” Sambo said to Saraki.

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