February 3, 2023

Labour Party Queries Arabambi’s Loyalty

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The National leadership of the Labour Party has accused the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Abayomi Arabambi, of working against the interest of the party.

The accusation was made by the National Secretary of the party, Umar Farouq, in a statement titled ‘Who is Abayomi Arabambi Working For?’ and uploaded to the website of the party on Sunday evening.

The statement described Arabambi as a ‘Judas Iscariot’ who is driven by pecuniary gains to sell the party he ought to be defending.

The National Publicity Secretary was alleged to have refused to upload the names of the party’s governorship and state house of assembly candidates for Ogun and Lagos States to INEC’s portal.

“As a ranking member of our party from the South-West, Mr. Arabambi was tasked with handling the candidates from both Lagos State and his home State, Ogun for the House of Assembly and governorship. He frustrated the arrangement and made sure that no name was uploaded.

“When the party noticed that he was playing pranks and that he was merely deceiving the party, it quickly contracted another lawyer who pursued the case and got judgment in Lagos and Ogun states. That is how Labour Party got the list of its candidates uploaded to the INEC portal.

“And now for him threatening to go to court to challenge the judgment in favour of his party, a party where he ought to be an image maker tells you clearly that he is completely compromised.

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