2023: Niger State In Search Of A Redeemer

By Mohammed Mohammed Busu

There is no doubt, every society or nation has an individual or group of individuals who have been destined to rescue it from its woes.

From ages past, every country or nation has had to struggle and pass through severe hardship until the person or groups of persons destined to redeem it from its suffering surfaces.

The most unfortunate thing, however, is, when a society, nation or country desirous of help and the time has reached for its redeemer to surface but, it however, failed to recognize that the time has come.

The resultant effect is that the nation or society will continue to suffer until it retraces its steps and make the right decision.

Mohammed Idris-Malagi

Since the emergence of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, Niger State has had many governors who had played their roles, did what they could do and left the scene with the state still begging for a redeemer.

However, the challenge with Niger state is that, it has not been lucky enough to lay its hands on its redeemer who is positioned and destined to take the state to its promise land.

Indeed, Niger is in dare need of credible and responsible leader who will redeem the state from the shackles of stagnation, underdevelopment and backwardness. Until it finds such person, the suffering of its people will continue unabated.

Without mincing words, Niger State is among the few states in Nigeria that are endowed and blessed with huge human and natural resources.

As political gladiators are beginning to prepare for 2023 general elections, the residents of Niger state have another rare opportunity to retrace their steps, look inward and, this time around, source and give the destined redeemer the chance to rescue the state from its current state.

One man who, many see as being the long awaited redeemer of the state is Mohammed Idris-Malagi

Born a little over 50 years ago, Idris graduated from Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto with B.A English (Hon.) at the age of 21. At age 29, he already had his Master’s degree in English from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

After many years of struggle and hard work, Mohammed Idris-Malagi is now a billionaire philanthropist. He is also among those one could confidently describe as successful industrialist.

He has a vast network of investments across media, real- estate, agriculture, ICT and airline categories. He is the Chairman of one of the vibrant print media outfit in the country- the Blueprint Newspaper, among many other investments.

Over the years, he has shown that he is a patriotic individual who has the passion of developing his people. This is because, at the youthful age of 32, he single-handedly sponsored a candidate to become the pioneer Council Chairman of Gbako (Lemu) Local Government in 1999.

He has also proved his uncommon and unequalled passion to assisting and better the lives of less privileged.

The welfare and the well-being of the masses and the less privileged of the state has always been his priority.

Mohammed Idris-Malagi has proved his loved and concern for the masses by independently sponsoring a N40 million Rural Electrification Project in his community, Malagi. The project is ongoing.

Over the years, he has assisted in building and renovating schools, hospitals, mosques and the provision of boreholes in his community.

He has also empowered many youth both males and females to enable them to be self-reliant.

He has also given scholarship to many students in the state.

As the preparation for the 2023 election is gradually gathering momentum, it is pertinent for residents of the Niger state to rally support for Idris-Malagi, considering that he is a young energetic man who has the capacity to move Niger state forward.

As an industrialist who has travelled wide, he has the experience and the way-withal to address youth unemployment through the creation of massive employment opportunities in the state.

As someone who has spent considerable number of years in the private sector, no doubt, he knows how the sector works. He, will, therefore, rally both local and international investors to support the weak private sector in the state.

Therefore, the development of the state is in the hands of its residents. They must take their destiny into their hands and make the right decision before it is too late.

If they fail to take the right steps to bring in Idris-Malagi as their governor in 2023, posterity and indeed, generations yet unborn will not be kind to them.

What happens to the state from 2023 and beyond, rests squarely in the hands of Nigerlites, as no outsider has the capacity to determine their fate for them.

All residents of the state, especially, the youth must come out en masse to support the Idris-Malagi 2023 project because it is the project of the future.

Failure to do so means that they are going to mortgage their future and the future of generation yet unborn to people who will toy and play around with them for another four years.

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