2023: Our Number One Job Is To Secure Nigeria – Obi

Labour Party today held its rally at the Confluence Stadium, Lokoja, Kogi State which witnessed an unprecedented crowd of supporters and Obidient members.

Addressing the crowd, the presidential candidate of the party, Peter Obi said, “We came here to tell you how we will save Nigeria from collapsing. Today in Kogi state you cannot travel freely within the state or from here to Abuja without fear. Our number one job is to secure Nigeria. We want to make Nigeria safe. We want to be able to unite Nigeria. Nigerians today are not living as a family. We want to bring the family back we want to secure Nigeria. We want to show that in Nigeria, there’s a rule of law. You are not harassed.

“We want to make sure that we would remove Nigeria from consumption to production. We told you about the minimum wage, we will ensure that the minimum wage is as of today and those who are owed; we will work with that state and the local government to clear the outstanding. We would make sure that we work with them and when we stop consumption. We will start thinking about how to continue to increase the minimum wage. Because the minimum wage today can no longer sustain anybody.

He went further to say, “For Nigeria to develop we need steel, and I was told that the machine is outdated and I said if it is outdated can’t we get a new one? If it is outdated we would make sure we resuscitate them and we will partner with whoever can do it and bring new ones so it can work and we will create jobs.

“Reject their money. We can only tell you what we can do. We are not talking to you through any spokesperson. We are talking to you direct, when I become president of Nigeria, I will come to Kogi state, tour every senatorial zone and I will bring prosperity to your state. We will ensure that the people return to the farms. The vast land in the state can feed Nigeria.

On his part, the vice presidential candidate of the party, Baba Datti Ahmed said that Ninety-nine days is for the thief but One day is for the owner. That one day is coming, that one special thing is going to happen to Nigeria.

He said, “That one day that Nigeria will belong to the people is coming. For too long, clever politicians have been confusing brothers and sisters, they have been disuniting Nigerians. For too long, they have disallowed prosperity to Nigeria that is going to stop. We are here to change all these, we are here to stop them. If you earn income legitimately, Labour Party is your own. If you legitimately created wealth, Labour Party is your own. If you truly earn what you have, Peter Obi is your own.

“Those two parties that have failed, there’s only one way for them, downwards. Join the party of the people who have promised the people, who are telling you what they will do without excuses. The people who will not come and change what they said, we are here with you today.

“Follow the people that have not been confusing and deceiving you. That day, you will see Nigerians embracing and hugging each other.

“People like Peter Obi, when they will be sworn in and will prove to you that they know how to create wealth. They know how to bring prosperity and they know how to make citizens live in peace and tranquility. Keep it in mind. We’re going to stop the killing and start the healing; we are going to stop the stealing and the sliding.

Addressing the crowd a member of the Labour Party campaign team, Mrs. Aisha Yesufu said Nigeria is bleeding and every hand must be on deck to vote for the right person as president of the country.

In her words “Nigeria needs Peter Obi, he represents fearlessness, we are no longer safe in our own homes, we must vote for somebody we can hold accountable to provide good governance, our lives must matter we must vote for someone who can make our lives matter and, Peter Obi is the one

“Nigerian youths are tired of knowing someone before you can gain employment, vote for inclusiveness, let’s give Nigeria a president that is competent and can deliver us,” she said

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Mr. Julius Abure urged the people to vote wisely in the forthcoming election saying Peter Obi has been tested and trusted and he’s the one that will run a transparent inclusive government if elected

“There is no gainsaying the fact that today our country is at a Crossroads, the fact that our country today is in disarray, the fact that the country is mismanaged. Today we are in a dilemma, the country is not working. From Abuja to Lokoja, you cannot go by roads, from Abuja to Kaduna, you cannot go by roads, insecurity has ravaged our country. People can no longer go to their farms; we are not even talking about the economy.

“The principal purpose of governments is to provide security for citizens today Nigerians are not talking about welfare, because to some Nigerians welfare is a luxury. Nigerians are simply saying, secure our lives, and we will do other things.

“Today Security has become an illusion to the citizens of Nigeria. Today the economy is not working. There is unemployment in the land, our students can no longer feed and go to school.

“There is no healthcare; nothing is walking in the country. These challenges we have is as a result of failed leadership. Failed Leadership over the years, clueless leadership over the years, selfish leadership, and leadership that is self-centered and that is the challenges we have in the country today.