2023 Presidential Election Ticket: Prof Yemi Osinbajo And The Doctrine Of Right Of First Offer And First Refusal

By Kayode Ajulo

Upon careful analysis of the leading potential Presidential Candidates in the coming election, it is an undeniable fact that Prof Yemi Osinbajo has no doubt solidified a strong base upon which we can consolidate for the future and his political ideology has stood the test of time.

Prof Yemi Osinbajo has exhibited more intellectual endowment, superior pedigree and moral heft than other potential contestants.

In all this debacle, one must never forget the adage that says that “he who would clothe another must first be seen clothed”.

Right of First Offer and First Refusal

The Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended is the supreme law in Nigeria.

The Constitution creates the office of the President and Vice-President as the highest offices in the Land. The Constitution also defines the relationship between the two utmost offices.

The principles guiding the interpretation of Constitutional provisions as are as such that a provision of the Constitution ought to be interpreted liberally and not to defect the intendment of the drafters of same.

A cursory look through the provisions of Sections 141 to 146 of the Constitution provides for the office of the Vice President and the right of the Vice President to take up the role of the President of the Federation in various circumstances where there is a vacancy in the office of the President.

I believe that the intendment of the drafters of the Constitution is to ensure the preservation of the Right of First Offer and First Refusal of the Vice President.

It is obvious that the Vice-President of any Presidential Constitutionalism is the “heir apparent” and by convention has the “right of first offer and first refusal” to run for president and succeed his boss.

What is more, Professor Yemi Osinbajo is the only Vice President in the Nigerian Democratic dispensation who has faithfully and consistently served the government and the people of Nigeria for almost 8 years without rancour. His feat is unprecedented and quite indelible in the political history of Nigeria.

Kayode Ajulo is of the Progressive Lawyers For PYO

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